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Vanishing Items

Started by Chocobo_Fan, May 31, 2015, 06:26:49 PM

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I'm sorry if this has been brought up before; the changelogs mentioned an inventory bug so maybe it has.

Anyway, I'm using Windows 7, and my inventory is extremely unreliable. Items will just disappear between battles, particularly ones I buy. I've lost the blood orb you can buy in the shop twice, as well as Temolo's lockpicks, one of the gold psy orbs, Ebon Raban's dropped equipment, and a number of replacement weapons. I think they might actually be changing into throwing axes? Most of my reserve inventory consists of throwing axes, but I don't remember buying or finding nearly so many. This seems to mostly affect reserve items. If I place items in my characters' inventories, they're usually okay... although I know I equipped Ebon Raban's kite shield so maybe not.

Items will also unequip themselves between missions sometimes, mainly Emma's and Sabrina's armor and helmets for some reason. In addition, sometimes they seem to be equipped but don't display the "E" symbol, and at least once I noticed that equipping an armor de-equipped a helmet (or at least removed the "E" symbol).

I'm sorry I can't give a log or more details, as I only even noticed something was off midway through the game, and I still usually don't notice until a few missions down the line. I'll try making before/after logs at the next shop I reach.


Ugh--I was hoping I'd fixed this. It's starting to look like I might just need to sit down and do a complete rewrite of the reserve inventory system. :|


On a related note, when I dropped an item and then recovered it with the G key but without closing the inventory box, the item disappeared permanently.

Edit: Attached logs before and after shopping at Sarn Kamina's store. I didn't seem to lose anything this time, though.


Not sure if its related or not, it appears to be more of a save bug, but I just lost a bunch of items, as far as I can tell, everything I bought, money looks like its still gone though. I bought a bunch of stuff in the store... such as crossbows for my crossbowman that is weaponless. I then played the coria dogs fight for a few minutes before quitting. game starts me back up at the beginning of the fight after the shop with none of the equipment I bought, and looking at the converted save file, the money I spent appears to be gone.


Aaand I just lost the golem parts after giving them to Lord Dakarai, great. I gave them to him during the Archos battle but didn't use him, now I'm at the mines entrance battle and he doesn't have them. I guess it has something to do with moving items around, then? I do seem to recall that that tends to be when I lose them... (Log from the battle setup attached.)

Equipment notifications are still funky. In the pre-battle screen it looks like characters have consumable items equipped. I think it might have something to do with item rearrangement? When I used up a consumable item in battle once, the "E" sign stayed in place even though the item pictures moved.

@7thsage: That sounds exactly like what happened to me at previous merchants. I have to wonder if it's the save feature that's messing it up? I hard saved after the Archos battle, then quit, and now the golem parts are gone... I didn't check inventories before I quit, though, so I don't know if that's why.

Edit: Yes, there's definitely a problem with moving items. I lost the battle, closed, and restarted, and the items I had previously moved from the reserve into character inventories was gone.


I've been trying to edit my save file: in the escape the fortress map, the spear for Harriet Glaive disappeared after I lost the first time. But every time I try editing it, the edits disappear. Is there some way I can make changes stick?


I'm not sure that the TTsave file is what the game is loading from just yet. Although Craig is wanting to start using those, I think TT still uses .sol files.


Correct--the TTSav files are currently "proof of concept," and a way to know what's contained in your .sol files, but they're not presently the save files themselves.


I've had the same bug quite a few times; this is how it occurs, if this helps:
1) Starting Inventory. At this point, there are 8 apples in the inventory.
2) An apple is given to Madeleine.
3) This is the final inventory before starting battle
4) The battle is quit.
5) Savegame is reloaded. Now, Madeleine does not have an apple, and there are only 7 apples in the inventory.

As an aside, is it possible as of now to modify savegames? This bug has caused all the spears/crossbows I've bought to disappear, making Lakshmi and Harriet unusable; I'd like to be able to add in spears/crossbows.

Cancel that, I figured it out on my own.


Thanks Gath! I'll look into that shortly. :)


Okay! I recoded some stuff, and I think I may have fixed that--on testing it out, I'm no longer able to replicate this. :)


So I've been testing this bug a bit and replicated a few times on various levels. It seems it can make items disappear or duplicate them. If you put items from the main inventory into a character inventory and then quit and reload in any way the items will disappear. On the other hand if you take an item from a character's inventory and put it in the main inventory and then quit and reload in any way the item will be duplicated, appearing in both the character's inventory and the main inventory. For the items to not do this you must make it to the next level when you move anything. Hopefully this might giver some insight on what's causing the bug.


Thanks Osiris! I'm pretty sure I've got it fixed now. Marking this resolved. ;)