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Started by Chocobo_Fan, June 04, 2015, 02:47:09 PM

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The fact that autosaves overwrite the current save file is a little vexing, and makes it difficult to really plan and organize save files. I was especially miffed to find that completing a campaign destroys the save file. Would it be possible to make a separate autosave slot?


There are 99 save slots--just pick a new one during unit deployment at the start of a battle and your old slot will remain untouched going forward.


There are 99??? I thought there were only 3... I guess there were multiple pages of them.


I think this is a reasonable request.  Why not designate save slot #0 as the autosave and only autosave there?  The user expects manual saves not to be automatically overwritten; violating that paradigm doesn't improve the user experience. 


I'm of the same mind as eyhung on this matter. It would also line TT up with your previous games, where there was a designated Autosave slot, and manual saves were more checkpoints than anything.