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Inventory, shop and skills

Started by 7thsage, June 25, 2015, 01:58:27 AM

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I'm not sure if the logs show anything but I had a couple weird things happen.

First, I was buying a bunch of supplies, and the first two times I tried it, for some reason the shop menu disappeared and I was no longer able to complete the shop 'battle' I tried surrendering but that caused the game to crash(no log was generated) I tried a second time and tried to generate log, game froze shortly after when I hit surrender again. third time I tried duplicating the case, but everything worked like normal.

the next weird thing was my archer Zimmer, all his items and skills are duplicating. I noticed when I was shopping, then starting the next battle, they tripled again. I don't really need a set of skills to go to the edge of the page ;) I seem to have a few issues with Zimmer actually. The other day I was playing and in the battle I tried to use his items, but when I clicked on him I think Emma's items came up instead?