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KZ, the map

Started by Frosty, February 23, 2010, 07:35:18 PM

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Did Craig Stern just name that map after his moderator? Because it says that no one has any idea where the name KZ came from, and that it could just be a monogramed name.
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Hahahaha!  :D Uh, KZ, do you want to answer this one?


Ahhh! That story coming up again :P
Sure, Craig, I'll answer this ;)
Essentially, Frosty, I made many maps, jsut for fun, and one of them was named "KZ". It so happened that this map got into TPA2 along with a couple of other maps made by myself.
Now, back in autumn there was this lively topic where folks were getting creative at trying to guess what "KZ" stands for, coming up with ingenious and entertaining ideas, and that arose from KZ the map being included in TPA2. If you want to, you can start a new guessing thread. :P
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Can you post a link to the guessing thread in the old forums? I think I will start a guessing thread, I just need to know what has already been said about the topic. Or did someone find out?
Yeah, I'm a snowman. Got a problem with that?


I think it stands for the initials of his name.


Here is the link for the discussion in the old forums about what does KZ stand for.
If you want to start that discussion again, I think it's better to do it in a new thread.
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