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Duplicating Attack Buttons

Started by user716, August 12, 2015, 09:20:08 PM

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For quite a few of my characters their attack buttons were copied. This has been happening for a while now, but the most recent incident happened during the Coria Dogs Basement fight.


Im sorry its hard to explain. I would add a screenshot but I can't attach files over 750 kb.


Sounds like same bug a few of us are having. Are you in Casual mode too?

I also noticed that it seemed to get worse after a few battles, and each time would cause the game to lag more during startup while that character was in the active team. After a few battles it actually got to the point where it crashed the game if they were chosen. So without seeing code obviously it sounds like something that is happening at either the battle pre phase, or battle post phase? crash and slowdown is probably not directly related, but is a side effect of parsing the duplicated items/skills.


I am in Casual Mode, it does get considerably worse after a few battles. Some of my characters have this so much, that I can't even see some of their attacks.


So, I haven't been able to duplicate this bug yet. I played on causal mode, let characters die, and when they came back in the next battle they did not have any duplicated attacks or abilities. Is there something else that correlates with this happening?

Also: if you could post your saved game file, that would be helpful!