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Silhouetted sprites

Started by Chocobo_Fan, August 17, 2015, 09:58:25 AM

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In the battle with Ebon Raban, Emma and Sabrina's sprites have become black silhouettes. This was also the case in the shop screen immediately before the battle.

I am using the "no NPCs" mod; I have attached the map file in case that broke something.


It isn't related to the mod. I reported the same issue a few days ago and I don't use any mods.


I have a pretty good guess what's causing this--can you attach your saved game file for me to look at?



Okay! As expected, the issue is in these characters' Stats tags; there is a custom lighting attribute that should be blank, but the game seems to be interpreting it as a number somewhere and setting it to 0. Until I figure out the cause, you can fix this manually by deleting the 0 after Sparks||Small||32||16|| in each character's data:

From this...

<Stats>Emma/Strider||Fencer_F||Emma Strider||Human||Female||Champion||land||Sparks||Small||32||16||0||Sword||None||Motivate||Sprint||Shove||Pull||Motivate||Feint||Double Strike||||||97||46||5||4||51||27||5||1||0||20||65||50||0||0||0||0||0||0||100||39||90||false||Promoted,19</Stats> this.

<Stats>Emma/Strider||Fencer_F||Emma Strider||Human||Female||Champion||land||Sparks||Small||32||16||||Sword||None||Motivate||Sprint||Shove||Pull||Motivate||Feint||Double Strike||||||97||46||5||4||51||27||5||1||0||20||65||50||0||0||0||0||0||0||100||39||90||false||Promoted,19</Stats>


Annnnd now it's fixed in the game! :)