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Emma can't talk to Sabrina in the camp scene

Started by Chocobo_Fan, August 20, 2015, 08:44:39 AM

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The map file for "Camp 1" shows that there's supposed to be a branch for talking to Sabrina, but I've never seen it appear. Indeed, in my Strider-only run, the game skipped straight to the next scene, even though Sabrina should have been an option.

(On the topic of the camp scene, Madeleine references Scarlet and Gavrielle in her branch, but it doesn't look like there's any handler for what happens if they died, or if Scarlet never joined in the first place. Scarlet also doesn't seem to have a default answer to Emma's question if Louise, Madeleine, and Meridian are all absent.)


Ah, yes. I originally wrote out some dialogue between Emma and Sabrina for this scene, but later decided to save the topics of their discussion for other moments later in the campaign. At this point in development, I was creating dialogue trees without the benefit of named branch functionality, so removing the now-unused dialogue between them would have forced me to renumber dozens and dozens of dialogue branches! I decided to simply leave the now-defunct dialogue in the file in the interests of saving time.


Huh. I actually found it pretty interesting, and I don't remember any other scenes bringing up that particular point.