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[Mod][The Vengeance of Emma Strider] - Army Quantifiers in dialog

Started by bugfartboy, August 15, 2015, 02:57:42 PM

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Brought to you by this thread, this mod causes the dialog with Gunther outside the bandit fortress to be a little more realistic and use variable quantifiers when referencing the number of units in your army.  E.G. If there are only 6 members of your army left alive (including the sisters), he'll use the term "half-dozen" instead of dozen.

(As with most of my mods as of late, I haven't tested it; I'm just throwing these together.  If it doesn't work, let me know.)

To install, download the attached file and copy it to "Telepath Tactics\Data\Campaigns\The Vengeance of Emma Strider\Maps".


I think I see a problem:
Suppose they see me strolling on up with a -STR:armyQuant- of strangers?
This makes grammatical sense if "armyQuant" is "couple" or "small group", but not "dozen" or "half-dozen".



Well, it's a brute substitution, right? So let's say you have 6 people left, and the armyQuant function returns "half-dozen". That'll be plugged in to where -STR:armyQuant- is, producing the line "Suppose they see me strolling on up with a half-dozen of strangers?" That's not grammatically correct; unlike other quantifiers, "of" isn't paired with "dozen", because English is a weird Frankenstein language that doesn't make sense.

I would advise omitting the hard-coded "of" in the dialogue and including it in the armyQuant string instead (so a "living" value of 0 would return "couple of" rather than "couple", for instance).


I think you're using an outdated version. Take a look at the timestamp on the last edit of the original post.