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Emma Strider's data Keeps Resetting

Started by Trollalope, August 24, 2015, 01:32:46 AM

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Whenever I close the game and reopen it Emma is back at level 1 without any items. No other character is effected, currently happens on the Saving Meridian mission, I'll check to see if it happens on every mission. I can grab a log of the before and after closing if that would help as well.

Edit: Just cleared all my saves and the problem seems to be gone, corrupted save perhaps?


Odd! If it happens again, please attach your save file and I'll look it over to figure out what might be happening.


Yeah I think something like this happened to me. It happened whenever I lost, surrendered, or quit.  Emma Striders equipment was gone and so was every item in reserve.


Happened again, this time in the bandit fortress mission.


Okay! I think I have this fixed now; will be uploading an update in a bit.


I think reuploading created the AdobeAir problem again