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Large portions of the map are cut off

Started by naokomoon, September 14, 2015, 08:12:19 PM

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Trying to get back into this game as I'm hoping the inventory bugs are handled. But large chunks of the game map are cropped from view.  As you can see from the screen shot, the top and left side of the map is missing (this is as far as i can scroll in either direction).
This has been present on prior areas of the game (the dialog at the start of the game was pushed off the bottom of the screen making it unreadable), but I'll just give up playing from here onward as I cannot make my way to the chest on the top left of the map nor deal with the baddies in the area.

My resolution is 1920X1080.
The screen is cropped in full screen, windowed, and with all the scaling features toggled on/off in the options menu.


Hey! Thanks for the post. You're not having this issue in windowed mode, are you?


It does persist in windowed mode.  Any which way I make the screen, the area is cropped from view.


I'm having this issue as well.  It is visible in this screenshot: which I originally posted in this thread:  I had this issue with v1.044 and still have it with v1.045.  It happens both in a wide screen or 4:3 aspect ratio, both fullscreen and windowed, both with scaling on and scaling off.

I wasn't sure it was a bug until I got to the mission inside the fortress.  At that point, I could move with the arrow keys off the top of the screen to squares that I cannot see and cannot select with the mouse.


- due to my apparent inability to make screen scaling work properly with all displays, I'm taking it out of the game. Sorry, gang--my next game will be in a framework that properly supports fixed display resolutions. (Which is to say: not Flash.)


Got it--I'm going to push an update tonight that addresses this. (See the post above this one.)


Thank you so much for the quick fix!

I've had this game in my *needs to be played* queue waiting for the inventory stuff to get resolved for awhile now.

Between me and my girlfriend we've sunk 40 hours into your game so far... haven't regretted a thing.  Thank you for the funzies!

- the patch here fixes my problem beautifully btw :D


Yay! I'm very glad to hear it. :D

Marking this one resolved.