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v1.044 Save game wont load

Started by Anti, September 06, 2015, 11:45:39 PM

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I was playing offline and made it to the Forest battle. Saved my game. Got internet access at a later date, updated to v1.044  and my save won't load. I click on the save, hear "ding", and nothing happens. I've attached the log and save file.


Hey! See up at the top of the save game file where it says nextBattle="Forest"? Change that to

nextbattle="GENERATE_RANDOM_LEVEL[Forest/Out of Food Post-Battle/TacticiansDuel/1/21/22-26/4-8/Bloodbeard's,Bandit:Bloodbeard's,Swordsman:Bloodbeard's,Bowman:Bloodbeard's,Crossbowman/Global Lighting,Daylight:Protect Char,0,Emma Strider:Deployment,true,BattlePrep]"

That should fix it for you. :)