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Game file wont load on Golem map

Started by Bkirbz, September 28, 2015, 12:40:53 AM

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I was on my way to the island on a boat to return to the place Sabrina and her sister left there father. There was an optional map to do the golems. I decided to do the map. Upon entering the map my characters kept insta dying so I decided to close the game and reopen. Most things are just glitches and by doing so fixes. Unfortunately not. After closing and reopening the game file won't even load.

-I've had items disapearing all the time in which no big deal not ground breaking.
-As in one of my prior games I did everything as i had and didn't get the engineer and the cryogenist and I did prior. The mission is related to this char so i don't know if maybe this is why the mission broke on me. Kinda was upset when i didn't get those chars bc the game glitched but pushed on knowing there would be plenty of other chars to choose from.
-Game not loading is ground breaking. Started over once already due to issues with the game. Not willing to do so again.

Attached is both the log file and the saved game.


Okay--I've fixed the part of your save file that was making the battle not load (it was the nextBattle bit at the top.)

I noticed that neither Teresa nor Phoebe is on your roster, despite the fact that neither has their "died" variable flagged. Did they die at some point earlier in the game? Or did the game just fail to add them to your roster? Anyway, I've added them back in--I'll take a look and see why if I can figure out why they be missing like that.