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Can't equip items v1.049

Started by Elkki, October 03, 2015, 04:41:51 AM

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My initial sword ran out of uses and the option to equip a new sword or any other item doesn't show up. Had to play few missions without Emma or Sabrina attacking, but something tells me I won't be able to rely on that this time.


Thanks for the report! I'll look into this.


did you, by chance, start with an earlier version of TT and then upgrade later? there seems to be an unresolved issue with save game non-portability across versions. otherwise, i dunno. your save game seems to have a mix of old and new syntax for item requirements.

i had/have a similar problem with my save games, so i wrote a script to maybe-correctly-update them. buyer beware, of course:

i filter your savegame though (attached) and it seems to be fixed ...


Ah, okay--this was actually an easy one! I just had to update your items that you obtained before version 1.047. (The class requirements for items changed in version 1.047, in that they became delimited with a double-colon instead of a single colon.)

The fixed file is attached.