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Assorted bugs in the last map (and thereabouts)

Started by Zetor, October 10, 2015, 09:51:45 AM

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Just finished my playthrough/LP, and encountered some weirdness in the last battle. They're not TOO serious, but they may make the map easier than it should be...

1. As far as I remember, the four reinforcement tunnels are supposed to keep spawning enemies... but they all stopped spawning after 3 sets. This means there's no need to engage the shadowling groups... which can be considered a mercy, since they can pretty much one-shot any character once they stacked enough mental resist debuffs on them, ouch! I actually didn't mind this, since the slowdown was VERY severe this time for some reason (the entire battle took over 3.5 hours...) so I just focused on the levers and Tarion after the immediate threats were dealt with.

2. Tarion didn't move from his spot... apparently because he can't fly! I found this out when I tried to yank him out with a Gravity Spike + Grapple Chain combo. At first I was pretty disappointed when GS didn't work... but then the Grapple Chain worked and actually caused him to take damage! He behaved like any non-flier: having to waste his turn trying to swim out of the lava, only to get pushed back ad infinitum.

3. The archers guarding Tarion seem to have a 5-tile attack range (should just be 4, unless they're l33t haxors). Possibly intended? In any case, Kinetic Pull Solves Everything™.

4. The score didn't tally up -- I just got the last map's score as my total in the end. I checked my savegames, and totalScore in all of the ones made after Aug 6-ish seems to be 0... possibly related to 1.041/1.042 changes? In any case, this may just affect those of us who carried our saves over instead of restarting, in which case it's no big deal.


I'll look into the score and unit spawning thing. The sniper range boost actually comes from their position on elevated ground, and isn't a bug.

Quote from: Zetor on October 10, 2015, 09:51:45 AMTarion didn't move from his spot... apparently because he can't fly!

Whoa--apparently this affects Pathos and Archos too! I had no idea they weren't flying; that explains a lot. That'll be fixed ASAP.