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Slowdown still present in Mac version

Started by AK Dave, December 20, 2015, 07:37:06 PM

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AK Dave

I had set TT aside for about 6 months or so hoping a fix would come in eventually for well-known slowdown effect. Sadly, the "bug" is still there in the latest version.I notice it is the worst on maps with weather effects (battle at Fera's fortresss, bridge/Ebon Riders, etc.).

This is such a great game but the slowdown makes it simply unplayable. It can take 2 hours or more to do some of the longer missions. With no opportunity to save in mid-mission, this proves too frustrating when something goes wrong or I have to step away and turn off my computer. A few times, I have nearly completed missions only to have the game freeze while loading the victory screen or shortly before.

I'll be back in another 6 months in hopes this will get corrected. Thanks again for this great game. Someday I'll find out how the story ends :)