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spriggat drowns on bridge chapter

Started by whase, May 26, 2016, 09:11:52 AM

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At the Covia bridge battle, I decided to blow up part of the bridge, subsequently taking the bridge away from under one of those magic units. After ending my turn, the enemy unit had a drowning animation, together with my Spriggat, that was flying beside the bridge somewhere else...

Sorry I don't have any logs, I sorta ragequit and forgot about that.

My Spiggat did show a drowning animation but had no deathquote. I tried scrolling through my units to see if she was still there, (as in just missing her sprite, maybe still there in code) but no such luck.


That map features enemy Mentalists with Gravity Spike. Did one of them use Gravity Spike on Meridian? If so, that would have given her the Heavy status effect, which means she would have taken drowning damage the following turn.


Hmm, I can't quite recall that happening, but I can't be sure. Sorry for forgetting to make a log on this one. =/


Okay--let me know if it happens again!