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A new engine!

Started by CraigStern, June 05, 2016, 05:39:11 PM

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-- fixed a bug in which the grab button would appear to remain available even after switching to a different character not standing on an item sack.

-- fixed a bug involving dummy attack tiles.


-- wrote some new character approach lines.

-- tweaked recruitment cost algorithm so Strength / Psy have a heavier impact on a character's price to recruit.

-- fixed a bug in which a character could get the same physical attribute twice (once naturally, and once as a life skill side effect).

-- implemented individual character recovery rates (impacted by the Insomniac and Sound Sleeper attributes) and hooked them into the Rest nighttime activity. Most characters recover 25% of their maximum Health and Energy after a night spent resting; but Insomniac characters recover 20%, and Sound Sleeper characters recover 33%. (Spirits always recover 100% in a single night.)


-- added a wound system to the game. If a character goes below 1 Health, they now gain a Wound Level greater than 0. Characters with a Wound Level greater than 0 are unable to perform normal nighttime activities or participate in battle, and will have to recover for a number of days equal to their wound level before their health and energy start to regenerate again.

A character's Wound Level corresponds to how far their health drops below 1; a character whose health drops below 1 gets a Wound Level of 1, plus an additional 1 for every x points below 0 their health goes (where x is 10% of the character's maximum health). Thus, for instance, a character with maximum health of 30 who takes 10 damage while at 5 health will end up with a Wound level of 2.

-- characters can now get individualized status effect immunities unconnected to their elemental resistances. (Golems and Spirits are immune to Poisoned; Depressive characters are immune to Enthralled.) Status effect immunities are now implemented, and prevent characters from getting the associated status effect.

-- characters now get twice as much experience from the Practice activity. In addition, Hot-tempered characters in particular can now get a +50% experience boost when practicing by themselves.

-- camp activity narrations can now have a stat requirement associated with them via the char1StatReq attribute, which takes the stat name, a comparison character (=, g, g=, l, or l=), and a value to compare it against.


-- fixed a cosmetic issue where long male hair did not play nice with the male skiakineticist body in generated character portraits.


-- gave artist feedback on 3D doors, bridges, bar tops, fences, stairs, and cave walls.

-- fixed a bug in which male and female dark spriggats were misassigned animations from red spriggats.


-- more artist feedback on 3D assets.

-- received unique portraits for the entire cast of Telepath Tactics (with support for alternate facial expressions) in the new style; provided artist feedback.

-- hired a writer to help supplement the body of lines from which character dialogue is generated.

-- created a new format for storing class promotion data in an XML file.


-- fixed a small handful of dialogue bugs discovered during last night's playtesting.

-- completely rewrote the process that decides what dialogue characters have to make things less linear, and more varied and unpredictable.


-- rewrote some portrait code to better position golem portraits.

-- formatted unique character portrait assets for Unity, created positioning data for a few dozen of them.


-- more artist feedback on 3D assets.

-- created more positioning data for unique character portraits.


-- more portrait data and artist feedback.


-- completed creation of unique portrait data.

-- fixed an issue in which the far end of the actions menu would get cut off on non-widescreen displays.


-- rewrote all the code for saving, loading, and displaying unique character portraits so that they now support variant expressions at runtime, just like the procedurally generated ones do. :)


-- commissioned a few new unique character portraits.

-- received the last of the first shipment of comissioned 3D terrain.

-- more artist feedback.


-- drafted a contract for the remaining 3D models needed to complete the game.

-- fixed a bug in which the game sometimes wouldn't search for unique character portrait properties correctly when portraits were added via the AddPortrait action.

-- fixed a bug in the algorithm the game uses to check and see if two characters have had a certain type of conversation before or not.


-- Repair Equipment now repairs weapons in the current roster's common inventory, and not just those held by the characters.

-- at night, the game now checks to see if any weapons in the group have uses missing; if all weapons are at max uses, it disables characters from choosing the Repair Equipment nighttime activity.

-- fixed a bug in which generated character portrait values weren't assigned a name upon creation.