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A new engine!

Started by CraigStern, June 05, 2016, 05:39:11 PM

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More artist feedback.

-- received a bunch of new weapon graphics.

-- filled in all the individualized XML data for the new terrain transitions.

-- begam work on auto-tile selection in the map editor. (When finished, it'll be such that when you paint a tile, it automatically detects all of that's tile's neighbors and generates the tile variant that best matches up with them all.)


-- mousing over different items in the shop screen now displays the cost to buy them.

-- received complete set of final weapon graphics; made a few edits, imported them into the game.

-- fixed a bug that was causing certain leather armor types to not populate with their associated graphics.

-- figured out the gaps in existing terrain transitions, documented them for the artist.


-- got sweet new music from Ryan Richko for use in the shop and the recruitment bazaar; imported it into the game, implemented it in the relevant scenes.

-- clicking on items in the shop now causes the game to check if you have enough aura to buy them. If you do, the game removes the item from the storefront, places the item in your common inventory, and deducts the price from your aura. If you don't have enough aura, it plays an error sound and notifies you that you lack the funds.

-- recoded parts of the game so that more data is kept in a globally accessible static class, which the game automatically pulls from for saving and repopulates when loading. Spent some time standardizing the save game functions present in each different scene.

-- fixed the game's behavior when it tries to load and doesn't find a save file (it now just creates a new one instead of locking up).


-- implemented alternative "cliff fill" objects for different types of elevated terrain (specifically, for castle and cave terrain, which look weird with the default "brown cliff blocks" below them).

-- cliffs now get filled in in the actual battle maps as well, not just the map editor.

-- got the final missing armor graphic in-game and implemented! (Specifically, boiled leather mail.)

-- fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing stat icons from appearing in item mouseover tooltips.

-- fixed a bug in which human characters with nose type 10 would have their noses not appear in their portraits.

-- rewrote the code for managing characters rosters to make it a lot cleaner and faster (and also to help me deal with some lingering bugs).


-- the shop now sells food! (You can buy it in increments of 1, 5, 10, 25, 40, and 100. (Most characters consume 2 food per day.)) Relatedly: got a new "food" graphic for this part of the shop.

-- fixed a bug in which character rosters multiplied when changing scenes, producing clones of the player's characters in battle.

-- fixed a bug in which items added to the reserve supplies weren't saved upon exiting the shop scene.


-- fixed a bug in which the map editor would refuse to place down tiles if it couldn't find its preferred variant for autotiling. (In these cases, the editor now places down the default tile for the tileset instead.)


-- when creating a New Map in the map editor, the editor now clears the previous map (instead of, y'know, building a new one right on top of it (oops)).

-- the map editor's autotiling algorithm now only checks neighbors on the same elevation for tiling purposes.

-- the game now awards aura as well as a morale boost to the surviving characters when the player wins a battle.


-- wrote a more efficient version of the "fill cliffs" algorithm in the map editor, one that only checks flagged spaces; this is now run automatically after painting elevation, instead of making you hit the "fill cliffs" button.

-- reduced the size of the menu buttons in the map editor so I can fit more stuff in there.

-- updated every map with a winAura property telling the game how much aura to automatically award the player for winning the battle. If no such property is detected (or it's set to a number below 0), the game now calculates an award of aura for victory equal to 20 times the number of enemies on the map at the start of the battle, plus their combined level.

-- imported the last of the terrain variation assets (created to address edge cases in the map editor's autotiling), began creating directional variants. (Completed: the 2-tip and corner junction terrain transitions.)


-- created a new AI routine for retreating; the AI now uses it with characters who've both (1) used a non-turn-ending skill this turn and (2) have no skills left that they can use.

-- fixed a bug in which the AI would sometimes inappropriately use a unit's skill multiple times in the same turn even though it wasn't an "Unlimited" skill.

-- fixed a bug in which the AI would refuse to rotate characters defensively after moving them based on long-term objectives.

-- fixed a bug in the AI where, when evaluating how safe a given space is from enemy attacks, it wouldn't account for the fact that enemies could move.

-- fixed an integer division bug in the AI that was causing it to inappropriately return 0 in many instances.

-- fixed a bug in which the player could click on characters or press the Undo, Rotate, or End Turn buttons during the computer turn and screw things up.

-- fixed a bug in which the name of the currently selected character wasn't showing up on the top bar of the actions menu.

-- optimization: shut off the coroutine for evaluating moves in AI after it finishes running.


-- consumable items which grant experience via the expPlus attribute (i.e. battle primers) now actually grant experience when used.

-- the game now displays your aura and morale gains (or, in the case of defeat, morale losses) on the victory/defeat screen after a battle ends.

-- tweaked the short-term move routine in AI so that skills without an afterAtk of "End Turn" get penalized based on how far the character has to move to use them, thus encouraging units to save steps for retreating after using the skill. (The more defensively oriented the AI commander is, the more weight it assigns to this consideration!)

-- fixed an AI bug in which the game would disregard steps already taken that turn when deciding how far a unit could move during movement based on long-term objectives.

-- fixed a bug in which characters would sometimes say their "healing an ally" combat line when healing themselves.

-- fixed a bug in which items to be added to a character's inventory via the <Unit> tag in a level file wouldn't actually get added if the character in question was picked via a FromPlayerRoster designation.


-- updated the item descriptions and image names for Items.xml in the The Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign to play nice with the new item image naming conventions and tooltips.

-- fixed a typo that was causing the images for procedurally generated main gauches not to display correctly.


-- fixed an issue in which characters could perform the Cook nighttime activity even if there wasn't enough food left for them to cook.

-- added a new special character to dialogue: -PREF-. When the game detects it, it replaces it with the character's term for directly addressing the player.

-- wrote new dialogue for characters approaching the player to inform them that the group is running low on food.


-- received new variant tree graphics, added them into the game.

-- the game now allows personalized hobby activities to occur at night involving multiple characters, provided that they have met one another before and don't dislike one another.

-- the "low food warning" activity is now implemented; characters performing the Clean activity when there's less than a certain days worth of food left will now approach the player directly to warn them.


-- when characters approach the player directly at nighttime, it's now presented as dialogue and prefaced by the character's approach phrase.


-- wrote new narrative variants to set up character dialogue.

-- wrote and implemented a new dialogue type: characters now approach the player directly to inform them that they need a new weapon when they Practice and their equipped weapon is at less than 35% of its uses remaining.

-- wrote and implemented a new dialogue type: resignation. If a character's morale hits -10, there is now a 30% chance that the character will approach the player to inform them that they are leaving the group.

-- characters are now more likely to rest in the evening when below 30% of their maximum Energy.

-- fixed a bug in which a character could perform the Cook activity on the same night in which the group will otherwise run out of food, putting the group's food at -2 at the end of the evening.