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Next Telepath RPG

Started by Zackirus, March 10, 2010, 01:31:09 PM

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I was thinking about the ending of Servants of God when a sad thought washed over me. What will happen to the Telepath RPG seris. So I created this forum for people to discuss their thoughts on what they think the next Telepath RPG will be.

Or when Craig gets some time to think about it, he can tell us what he thinks the next one will be

What I think the next Telepath will be the same characters but this time their in a world where the hero of chapters 1 and 2 stayed loyal to Tastian and you go on quests around that sort of thing.
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that's a good idea, but remember, TSOG is not supposed to be a sequel.
Granted the idea of the acadamy destroyed and the queen lives could be a completely different situation, I think the storyline of TSOG could be altered slightly so that the hero's choice didn't matter. For instance, some in the academy could have escaped and started a new academy. While the queen perished under the godly powers of the Cult.

I personally would like to see the adventures David had as the most powerful scanner.
Or perhaps a telepath in which the main is a spriggat or a shadowling (as both also have psychic powers)?
a third idea is something that heavily involves the little known species, Gelf.
or possibly a spin-off involving the main being a recruit in the mechanics.
I have more ideas, but they're rather unlikely for even me and I'm sure Craig, while he may enjoy the ideas, would never program them (unless he's totally stumped for a game)

By the way, I may come up with a lot of off-the-wall or out-of-the-box ideas but I severely lack in the detailing department. So, I may be able to give some key points as to how these would work, but I could never figure out the character development and stuff that's needed.


Well, the idea of TRPG4 has been flagged before. Gelf seems an interesting species to explore- that could tie into all the thoughts about the environment and the like (seeing how TRPG2 dealt with different government types, TRPG3/TSoG deals with religions and self-identity, it seems logical to explore those types of issues along the same path).
I also suspect that the choices the player makes in TSoG will lead to two solutions: either the Hero, after overthrowing the Cult, helps to set up a democratic government, or he usurps the power and becomes a new dictator... or even assumes the role of spokesman of Yawah on Cera Bella.
I do hope that there will be a sequel to TSoG, though I wouldn't mind seeing expansion of the Telepath world into other genres.
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You know because of TRPG2 its possible to create two RPGs from it. Maybe using the idea Zhampir gave us we may have one RPG using two sets of heroes or more playing for one side. But that will probably take out the freedom to make the main go where and when ever the player pleases.

Wow this is a difficult conundrum.