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The Gift

Started by Zhampir, March 24, 2010, 09:36:56 PM

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Where does it come from? Is it hereditary? Based on diet? a disease? a unique gene? How do ghosts use it? Is it because the gift is tied to the soul? If so, does that mean that only a few humans have the soul capable whilst in their bodies'?
What are the origins of the gift? Is it based on the force? Ancient Greek elements? or is it a concoction all of its own?




then if its from your parents then how come they never contacted you on where they wre being held
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Something can be a hereditary trait without manifesting in every generation.


How did the Gift start?
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Its was probably some mutation in some genes, that caused it. It is like blue eyes and stuff like that, normal cells can mutate and those genes can be passed on through generations. Or another theory is that these people who have the gift have simply evovled in a greater being that can use mental power to control/hurt/heal things.
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The gift is only a part of the game it only exists because Craig made itBut to my opinion I think the gift is like evolution it is developed by one person then widespread by reproduction.


Aye, the Gift may be possibly explained by the persons ability to generate large EM fields and pick up EM fields around other people, and be able to interprete and manipulate them. Essentially- countless years of evolution, methinks.
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don't forget about electroweak forces either!


Electroweak force = Electromagnetic (EM) force + Weak force.
The only two (known) long range forces are the gravitational and the electromagnetic. The weak force and the strong force act on small distances (respectively, on the order of an atom and on the order of the nucleus of an atom) and decay exponentially, so they have little effect on the macroscopic level. Therefore, I prefer to think that the gift is an ability to generate/control/manipulate a different type of force. Personally, I think it's quite hard to make a consistent theory using the current physical knowledge (i.e., without the existence of a 5th force).

If we assume that the gifted people can generate a different type of force, then we have quite a challenging set of questions. Let's assume that the physical laws are still obeyed (like the conservation of Energy, conservation of momentum, etc.). Does that affect what we can deduct from the attacks we know? Mmm...
Mind blast: it may not require much energy (since it's the first to be learned). Affecting specific parts of the brain might require more skill than energy.
Mind shield: since it's effects seem to be permanent (at least for the duration of a battle), I would say that it might work mainly on closing wounds and roughly repairing armour. Again, this might not require much energy because the healer must be right next to the ally and the psychokinetic shield may just help "gluing" things up.

I think that a relatively small fraction of the people have the gift, otherwise there were no need for weapons. Since the gift is transmitted genetically, how recent is it and how may people have it? Does it have some drawback? There must be a reason for the gift to be rare, either the some drawback or recent origin. Otherwise, most people should have it because families with it would give an higher chance of survival, hence, an higher chance of transmitting their genes to their descendants.
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If the gift is genetic, a reason for it's rarity could be due to it being highly recessive. Neither of Duvalier's parents seem to have the gift.


Quote from: Zhampir on April 10, 2010, 11:14:34 PM
If the gift is genetic, a reason for it's rarity could be due to it being highly recessive. Neither of Duvalier's parents seem to have the gift.

Actually that is possible they could be just carriers of the gift and not affected its like inheritance. One is a carrier and one is normal they have 4 kids 1st is normal 2nd is carrier 3rd is normal and 4th is carrier

2 carriers marry and have 4 kids again 1st is normal 2nd is carrier 3rd is carrier and 4th is affected


A affected and normal marry and have 4 offspring all carriers


Affected and carrier marry and have 4 kids 2 is carriers and 2 is affected


Carrier means they have a recessive trait... Remember the Punnet Square?
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The gift is probably just a case of unobtainable exposure.


The gift is actually a combination of Genetics and latent energy in the universe. The random gene allowed use of this energy and is was the first step to ultimate power.