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Psy academy wish list.

Started by Dayn, March 28, 2010, 10:28:56 AM

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Quote from: Dorgon 5000 on April 06, 2010, 12:56:19 AM
What about blood blast? It takes 12 PsP to use and it´s only one square from the attacker, but it´s very strong.
That's as much PsP that it takes to use Pyro Hail, more than the Blast attacks. I don't like the idea of an upgraded mind blast. Mind blast is a basic attack. You have the affinities for the advanced attacks.
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at the academy u should be able to learn such a rare attack and some defence moves for only your main character but need to find a secret door or person and be able to talk the person into telling u where the secret door is.
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Sir, I'm not trying to put you down or anything, but be a bit more precise with your ideas, who is "the person?" This could be a better idea if you gave it some more thought and been more understandable. Plus, in TSoG, there aren't any "rare" attacks, only hidden ones, because "rare" implies that there is more than one, only one can exist in TSoG, since you can only give it to Duvalier (the main character).


How about a side quest after you do a side quest for the Nameless One where, after finally knowing who the Nameless One is, you can brag to the Psy Academy instructor and she could challenge his knowlege and demonstrate Ravage.

Explination:A Mindblast directed at everything in your line of vision going all the way across the battle field, harming your opponents with ease. This attack is very similar to an Emergy Golem's Laser Burst.
Range: 1-12 (I don't remember what the length of the battlefield is right now.)
Damage:Ravage Lvl*1.5+Psi Power Lvl

I will submit this to it's appropriate thread.

But after demonstrating it to you, you can attempt to convince her to teach it to you. (Requires Personality Lvl 20). And víola! Vous avez appris une nouvelle attaque qui se développera plus puissant à l'usage.

What do you think? I submit it here because it ties into the Academy.


I like it!
And BTW, you misspelt voila


In reference to Dayn's idea; I actually think it could fit in quite nicely with the current battle engine with a little renovation. If the hero had a backpack that could be filled with items, constituting a usable-item inventory (or perhaps just pockets), they could place single or multiple instances of an item in the attack slots, and when using the corresponding attack button, one use either takes one away from the number of the items you have, or renders the slot void.

The only problem (as I see it) is that it seems to conflict with Craig's ideal battle system, in which items are not the focus, and the idea is pure and simple strategy at its best, where grinding and item buying aren't used in place of actual skill.

Xemadus Echina

I would like to see a way to buy attack levels.

P.S.: just goes to show you how out of it I am from being MIA for so long (SC2 is sooo addicting) I originally was going to ask for a way to buy stats.
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a psy academy wish list will be cool  8)


Quote from: rainen on March 31, 2010, 02:54:19 PM
how about an advanced mind blast? kinda like a feedback/vengeance thing.

I already know when someone said Mind Pulse, but how about Mind Wave?

Mind Wave



This: Mind Blast---Mind Wave---Mind Pulse
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Nah. And put that idea in the attack thread if you are serious about it.