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Started by CraigStern, February 07, 2010, 11:01:17 AM

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As of right now, Lizardmen in Telepath Tactics have three status-effect-inducing attacks, all of them close-range strikes with a mace:

Stunner - has a base 50% chance to Stun the target
Bonebreaker - has a base 50% chance to Weaken the target
Cripple - has a base 50% chance to Slow the target

Of course, like pretty much everything else in Telepath Tactics, this is subject to change as I continue playtesting and balancing the different classes.


Hi Craig,

Ive been thinking about all the classes you have in the arena game and had an idea based on playing a bit for future classes-

Here are the strategies of each character as it may-

Swordsman- Take the heat of the battle and stay alive through hardiness and tough melee. This class would be the so-called fighter and paladin type class of d and d.

Bowman-This class is essentially the archer that is nimble and takes out enemies from afar through shots. This would be the ranger class of d and d.

Psi Fighter-This class thrives on being an aoe blaster. They are weak in the first bit and extremely powerful at the end.

Assassin-This has got rogue written all over it and even more so, this class sneaks across the board and single handedly picks apart pieces.

Of those 4 core classes of arena, i find one thing that could be improved upon (unless you already have it set for tactics). What can be improved upon would be a class that is part swordsman and part assassin, basically a duelist type character (mix of brawn and grace). Its not the name but really its about a class that is defensive in nature. This class is the anti assassin of the game, with almost complete immunities to the backstab ability of almost anyone. They dont have the complete strength of the swordsman but they have the defensive ability that more than makes up for it.

This would be very interesting as assassins (as of now) can be the trickiest characters to fight against, and thus it would be cool to see a guy that can rush up to them and not be screwed totally. Just a thought.

Steel Ersatz Man

I have paid for and downloaded TSOG a few months ago and I was wondering, is there any way to renew it with any stuff you will have added in since then e.g. Getting Arman Back, Rubat Camp and Finishing Somnus (Not sure if he's done any of them but those are just examples) without having to order it again, doing anything that involves copying codes or deleting my data (I'm OK with deleting my data if it has to be done, but I would prefer it not to)?
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@Steel Ersatz Man: just download the installer again and run it. (Source.)

@deathknight1728: thanks for your ideas.


Have you been updating the Game with all your recent Twitter Posts, meaning, the alternate ending to the Tikki Quest, a Somnus Quest, and Character Voice Overs + Pictures? Or are you waiting for one day, with one large update?
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Unless I specifically say that I've updated the game, I haven't.

That said, check Twitter... ;)


You know what almost slipped my mind, the idea or concept of a monk type character in a telepath game. Its interesting actually as monks are very interesting character classes in old school d and d. Will the shaolin fist be in possible future projects?


It's always a possibility, though I wouldn't count on it.


actually the knife thrower derives and shares many likenesses of the ninja (knives/shuriken) but whatever. Im just trying new ideas as i find the character class system to be great. The engineer class seems very cool for tactics and is something in the right direction.



It's all a matter of what you're used to looking for, right?

Subtle nuances of hue, the way the light bounces off their heads, quirks in the movement of their plume... if you spend time living with Shadowlings, you'll swear all fleshli humans your siblings look the same when you return home. I mean, there's almost no difference of hue between them (just saturation and brightness for the most part) and their eyes are so small that it's nearly impossible to see their eyes well enough to tell them apart in that respect.

Is there as much prejudice among Spriggats as there is among the Shadowlings?

Oh, and you might have already said this, and if you have, I'm sorry; but what kind of law do you practice?


No offense, but I'd rather not talk about my day job here.


Okay, sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. I guess I should have asked whether that was within the bounds of the developer questions first.

I was really just wondering if you knew how legal the usage of the "Save target [of hyperlink] as" button was, since one could theoretically download anything, including swfs; because you were saying earlier about how TRPG1 and 2 were only in-browser and one could theoretically download them.

But if that, too, would be too day-job, I can just ask my uncle about it, and save you the trouble.

It just seems kind of strange that the button would be part of IE, if its usage wasn't always completely legal.


The "Save Target As" / "Save Link As" (depending on what browser you're using) has a lot of legitimate, legal uses. It's just a way of downloading a file. Stick to downloading files you're allowed to download and you'll be fine.

As for why they'd include a feature even if it could be used for illegal purposes, well, let's put it this way. Take a pack of AA batteries. You could cut them open, remove the battery acid, and fling it in someone's face. That's illegal. Does that mean they shouldn't sell batteries? Of course not--batteries have lots of legitimate, legal uses. At a certain point, you're just expected to obey the law even though you have the tools to break it.