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How many people have opened the chest in somnus

Started by Steelfist, February 07, 2010, 12:46:27 PM

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Have you opened the chest in somnus?

I Have!
I Haven't...
I don't know what you're talking about.


I couldn't help wondering how many people have opened the chest in somnus (The one that requires 30 psy points to open), so I started this Poll.


I guess pretty much anyone who's completed the game and tried a new one with "game+" stats. I've done it on all difficulties- and the reward is fitting for each, methinks.
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I did but I cant remember you get a bunch of gold right?


Quote from: hellboy222 on February 07, 2010, 02:30:05 PM
I did but I cant remember you get a bunch of gold right?

That sounds like Hellion's chest to me. I think he's referring to the other one.


Yep. Its the one in the tent on the right. The one that won't open.


then I haven't I feel kind like a lout because I voted I have so whats in it then?


Inside of the chest is the pit, which has Malginus, the time traveling black sprigat. You can do any mandatory battle by talking to him.
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i opened the chest by the trainer but not the one with the spiggurat inside though i have 48 psy points it does not open
mock the pheonix you will burn


Not Psy Points, but Psy Power. The attack stat.


Personally, when I found this on the sinster desgin version I tried for days to get it open. When I did I was so amazed. Once, you open the chest you have the option of fighting the queen and dean battles again. I won at those, and kept restarting my game, where I would take the chest filled with 5,000 gold and train my shadowlings, dorgon, gamblin jack, and niven so that thier power was at 25 each and their defence was 23, 28 for fetus. I think it was a nice treat at the end to do that because their were some battles like the queen that gave soo much money comapred to regluar battles.

Heck Ya You Should Open The Chest. It is only on teh CD version and sinster desgin evrsion though.
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Those stats are nothing fella.

Just do the Spriggat Assassins or Tastidian on Brutal to get monies.


When I first discovered this feature, I was also impressed by it and really liked it. Apart from the concept itself, this also lent istelf as a great source of money. (Presentiment is right in selection of the two battles for maximum monetary gain: try the Spriggats first, then go after Tastidian. )
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I used it to get money to train teammates before choosing sides (yea I have trained my main so high that he could open it).


There is also a glitch which gives you unlimited gold once you open the chest... I found it a long time ago, but I figured everyone knows (???)

1.) Select "manage team", then make sure slot #1 in "team order" is left empty.

2.) Enter Malignus's chest and select to fight the Bug Queen battle. The first time you will have to fight the battle all the way through.

3.) After this, once you click on the Bug Queen battle it goes straight to black as if you already won. (I think it only works on the bug queen battle?)

At first it only gives you 1200 gold but every time you repeatedly click on it (without leaving Malignus's cave) the amount of gold increases exponentially (40%). The gold doesn't increase if you have chosen to have Helena join your party.

After doing this for a couple minutes I got a few million in gold.
Takes the fun out of the game though =(