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[Char] New portrait graphics

Started by regurge, April 22, 2015, 10:56:50 AM

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I tried to add a bit more depth, some shadows and more powerful colors to all portraits.
I used an automatic Photoshop action to create this effect, so maybe its not perfect for all portraits but for the moment i like it more than the original set.

Here is a before and after screen for one char:

Make a backup from your Portraits folder:
Telepath Tactics\Data\Characters\_Portraits

and replace the new files with the old files, here is the downloadlink:


Ah, interesting!

It's not a bad idea, but one thing I'd advise you to bear in mind is that if you change certain colors in portraits, the game won't be able to palette swap them to match the character's army color--everyone's garments will show up purple in their portraits. Purples and reds in portraits and character sprites are therefore best left alone. (See: "Team Coloration" on or around page 85 of the manual for more details.)


ok things are more clear now :D ..that was also the reason for the indexed color palette in the whole game... was a bit surprised by editing the boxes, because some violet areas had another tone in the game. For the new portraits i didnt changed that much on the basic color so i guess it should work without a surprise.



Ah, that stinks. Perhaps you can PM regurge and see if the files can be rehosted elsewhere?

In the meantime, though, I think he has a parallel thread on the Steam forums: