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Fullscreen scaling settings
« on: December 17, 2019, 02:41:08 AM »

Every kitchen appliance must be well equipped so that your family can get the best meals. And after use, proper methods of cleaning and maintaining are the priority to bring the best performance to your device. Of course, this is no exception with a pressure cooker because it has many small components makeup. Thus, you have to preserve these parts adequately. In this article, we will share with you the best practices on how to wash, clean and maintain your pressure cooker with easy to clean methods.

Always Keep Your Pressure Cooker Gasket Clean

One of the essential parts of a pressure cooker is the gasket, and you must always clean it after each use. Pressure cooker gaskets are rubber rings that run around the lid. The usage of it is to prevent heat and steam from leaving the pot during the process of cooking.

During cooking, oil and dust will have a chance to accumulate on it. Additionally, it tends to get looser with time; even it is the highest rated pressure cooker . Therefore, you should check it regularly to see if there are any cracks or damage to ensure your pressure cooker gaskets are in good condition. When you put the rubber ring back into the pot, you should pay attention to install it correctly.

A small tip that you can apply is to use vegetable oil for the gasket to make it more durable. Note that you should not use synthetic oil because it may melt over time.

Unplug your vent pipe after each use

To release steam buildup inside your pressure cooker and to ensure safety features, the pressure cooker has a section to do this called a vent pipe. During repeated use, the vent is likely to be blocked for food, so you have to clean it after each use so as not to damage your pressure cooker. Not only that, but the lack of cleaning also reduces the quality of your food.

After use, you should blow into it and lubricate with vegetable oil. You should avoid using water to clean the vent.

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Do not use strong detergents.

You should avoid the use of harsh chlorine or benzene-derived detergents and tools such as freight to rub the pot as it can cause damage to the pan. Instead, you should use water and substitute white vinegar along with a soft towel or sponge for cleaning to the cooker without scratches or sharpening the outer protective layer of the product. One suggestion you might consider is to boil a mixture of water and vinegar inside the stove and then turn it off. After that, add a tablespoon of baking powder, and let it soak before applying some elbow grease. This way is very useful in cleaning the pot.

Today, many good pressure cooker brands produce modern pressure cooker very friendly dishwasher. But that does not prevent food from being jammed into your pot. It is best to rinse the container after each use gently.

Use Baking Soda to store the pressure cooker

The steps of storing a pressure cooker are also necessary, as if not correctly, mould can grow inside your pot. Therefore, after finishing and cleaning of the pressure cooker, you should preserve it in a safe and dry place. Usually, you will store it in a sealed box to avoid harmful agents, but if you are unable to do this with some larger models. You can leave a baking soda box inside the pot to prevent the accumulation of moisture and mould.

As such, the pressure cooker maintenance is not a hard job at all if you understand the mechanism of action and apply some small tips that we suggest. You will be able to store your pressure cooker for a long time and rest assured that you will serve healthy and non-bacterial food to the family. Moreover, you will save money and time for the replacement of future parts, and it can be a good pressure cooker at all time.

If you need any further information, leave us a comment.
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