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Special edition demo feedback and bugs.

Started by Sythion, January 20, 2020, 02:02:48 AM

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Using "Pull " when there was nowhere to move (was against a wall) rendered the state unable to proceed. I got the proper "Path blocked!" message, but menus never returned. Panning still works, as does zooming but I can't hit esc to open the menu so can only close the game with X, alt f4, ect.

Didn't get a screenshot first time, but was able to reproduce this bug, just that the log and image won't match.

Only played a little so far, feedback currently consists of:
1) As bugfartboy pointed out, zoom is inconsistent and not far enough.
2) Camera zooms in whenever a character uses a skill. I can understand the reasoning for this but would like an option to disable it ,or have it match the current zoom level instead of getting close.
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About to go to bed but 2 quick things:

1) This was actually in the original game, I just remembered it now when encountering again: Sound level is not "Saved".  I have the ingame music set to 10, but upon loading, the intro/title screen will be playing at 100. The menu displays 10 properly as I left it but only corrects itself if I do a + or -
2) In regards to bug fixes/updates do I download latest version from same link, or are those only going to be implemented in the final release?
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Barring anything super major getting reported, I think I'm done making updates to the demo for now. If and when there's anything new, I'll be posting about it here. :)

In the meantime, if you finish the demo and you feel like trying out the campaign editor, that's something I'm always interested in getting feedback on!


Good to know! I can't picture myself messing around with the campaign editor much as that's less my style but I'll see if I can figure it out. I am somewhat tempted to port Drogon somehow. From what I recall of previous discussions he would need to have a 10 or so tile range limit. It's very satisfying to see reported bugs get fixed in your progress log! :)

Played a bit more, still busy so not expecting to finish the demo for at least a few more days.

1) Didn't manage to log it but the archer on Adelbrae Battle at least twice had used "bow" without anything happening. It then proceed to walk a few tiles as pierce attacks don't end turn. Reloading and trying again things were normal.
2) At least for the Caravan Battle, Madeleine isn't centered in her.. err, circle thing?
3) Minimap isn't working. I know Doors, Levers and the like haven't been coded yet but the notes say nothing about this as far as I know.

I presume some of the features in the progress log such as random recruits is meant to be for user campaign support, and the next project? Which is to say, not hype myself about them for the remaster ?
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Thanks for the additional report!

The minimap is right up there with doors and switches in the "I haven't gotten around to it yet" list. (It's especially low priority now since manual zoom is a thing; but I'll get to it eventually!)

The AI code is quite complex, making bugs tricky to fix without detailed info. If you do manage to capture a log next time, that would be very helpful! (The log files support thousands of lines, so it should contain the needed info even if you don't manage to hit 'L' until after the enemy turn ends.)

The proc gen character features are indeed primarily for user campaigns and for the next game--but I'm considering having proc gen characters join up periodically if you've lost too many characters from your roster on Normal difficulty. We'll see!


Good to know the minimap simply isn't in rather than being broken. Me being me I decided to grind a bit (left an archer alive and walled him in, managed to lose my mentalist and crossbowman prior sadly).

Upon reaching level 20 however, I wasn't able to select the option to advance in class; Champion. I could "force close" it by using the Shift + E shortcut to end the turn. This however leaves my unit at level 20, gaining exp, and the game fully freezes upon hitting 21.

EDIT: From what I recall one could mark a unit as "Done" in the original, but that's not present in the demo.
Would it be possible to have an option to enable a grid? Ideally with an opacity slide.
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Weird! It looks like it just got stuck in a loop somehow. I'll have to test this out myself and see if I can replicate it.