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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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-- nerfed the psy fighter classes slightly by making them vulnerable to slashing damage, closer to how they're balanced in Telepath Tactics.


-- the item editor now has a field where you can customize an item's "use" sound effect.

-- the item editor now has a sound effects browser where you can play all of the game's sound effects and select one to use.

-- created new "Sound Effects" button graphic for the button that opens the sound effects browser.

-- fixed: it was still sometimes possible for the game to throw a range error during a certain part of procedural character creation.


-- proc gen shields and armor can now have the attribute Beautiful, which raises the wearer's morale by 1 when equipped.


-- began the process of breaking apart character background dialogue into distinct subcategories (hometown, vocation, family, etc.) to add more depth and variety to inter-character dialogue.

-- it is now possible to directly insert biographical details into text using the special character -BIO:X-, where X is a valid biographical detail type (e.g. region, hometown, raised by, siblings, worships).

-- it is now possible to require certain biographical details for certain character dialogue (and to require the absence of other biographical details) when characters are procedurally generated.


-- added fire sway and smoke particles to the lit campfire object.

-- fixed: got bloom effects working in battle; impact sparks in combat now visibly glow!

-- fixed: got step text and reticle overlay text displaying over everything else correctly.

-- fixed a null error that occured when the game tried to check for a renderer for swaying animation purposes on a 3D destructible object.


-- began writing a new evening event: a merchant approaches you to deal with employees carrying on a strike.

-- improved the sale evening event to make more narrative sense, and to offer a spread of potential discounts (between 15% and 30% instead of just always being 20% off).

-- the smoke-emitting property for destructible objects is now saved, ensuring that it carries over for mid-battle saves.


-- after an extended struggle, I have rewritten the palette-swapping system in the game from scratch to be compatible with the new rendering pipeline. Character sprites once again appear the color corresponding to their army (as opposed to everyone being violet).


-- finally got palette swapping for character portraits working again after completely rewriting the logic for it from scratch.


-- manually replaced character portraits in the cut scene dialogue and recruitment interfaces.

-- added in layers for glasses and hats as accessories for character portraits.


-- finished converting all of the old palettes into a format the new palette-swapping shader can use.


-- finished reconstituting the skin, hair, and eye palette-swapping logic for portraits of humans, lissit, and spriggats.

-- fixed bugs in the new palette swapping logic.


-- painted a new, higher resolution "frame background" for character buttons in the deployment and reserve inventory screens.

-- updated to the new character portraits in the Character Screen, Level-up Screen, Army Overview Screen, Reserve Supplies screen, Deployment Menu, and Actions Bar.

-- updated the portrait background frames in the Reserve Supplies screen and Deployment Menu.


-- got selection circles in battle palette-swapping again!

-- fixed pop-up text position and kerning in character portraits.

-- fixed animated bars clipping through the ground in battle.

-- fixed: character noses were not showing up in dialogue portraits.


-- added a glow effect to combat visual effects. (They look much cooler now!)

-- further improved the look of the "attack hit" shower of sparks.


-- fixed portrait palette-swapping issues for Shadowlings.