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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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-- recreated the terrain for the Coria Dogs - Ground Level battle.


-- recreated the terrain for the Coria Dogs - Basement battle.

-- recreated the terrain for the Battle with Ebon Raban.

-- recreated the terrain for the Rescuing Sarn Kamina battle.

-- recreated the terrain for the Battle with Archos.


Gave Ryan feedback on some new music.

-- created a triplanar shader to replace the deprecated triplanar shader being used for cave wall assets.

-- recreated the terrain for the Mines Entrance battle.

-- fixed: Unity had inappropriately applied specular highlights to cliff and cave fill materials.


-- recreated the terrain for the Battle with Tarion.

-- edited the terrain for the Battle with Tarion to throw in more tactical wrinkles; removed a few rows and columns to make the map more compact (from its original 45 x 26 to 41 x 23).

-- fixed all of the remaining materials whose shaders were broken when upgrading to the universal render pipeline.


-- in the map editor, you can now click the battlefield while in the Edit Light Properties window to reposition point lights.


-- gave artist feedback to Ryan Richko on the new, in-progress festival theme.

-- gave artist feedback to Georgi Minkov on portrait hue-shifting masks.


-- gave artist feedback to Georgi Minkov on generic portraits and hue-shifting masks.

-- received the new generic portrait assets.


-- gave artist feedback to Georgi Minkov on hue-shifting masks.

-- incorporated the new generic unit portrait assets into the game.


-- got army color palette-swapping working on character clothing in portraits! Player characters are now garbed in blue and enemies are now garbed in red (rather than the default violet). :D


-- spent days getting the hue-tinting shader to work correctly in all possible cases, especially for skin tone across 6 different species. (This is much harder than it sounds due to the fact that shaders don't support branching logic). Well, it's finally working--and playing nice with portraits that don't support hue-shifting to boot! :D

-- expanded the number of human skin tones from 5 to 7.

-- fixed a few greeting responses that used the wrong gender referent.


Collected a bunch of artist feedback on small technical issues as I...

-- got hue-shifting for non-human, non-lissit portraits working!

-- fixed: hue-shifting for portraits wasn't working in the campaign editor suite.


-- wrote a new plot event for Together in Battle helping to establish the existence of a conspiracy against the crown.

-- fixed some stray marks in the proc gen bronze golem body.

-- fixed: the game was supplying the wrong mask for unique character portrait mouths, making it look like everyone was wearing black lipstick.

-- fixed: it would crash the game if you loaded a custom campaign without a Maps subfolder.

-- fixed: I had commented out the pixel art palette-swap code to avoid accidental editing, but then forgot to...un-comment it. :o


-- wrote about a dozen unique variants on the "where am I from" background conversation for proc gen characters getting more into the nitty-gritty of what different in-world places are like.

-- reconfigured the relationship stats attending various camp conversations to make more sense and to cut down on repetition.


-- fixed: the game could freeze under certain circumstances when more than one dialogue was triggered at the same time in battle.

-- fixed: portraits had gone out of alignment within deployment tiles.


-- units now visibly step out of the way when dodging attacks.

-- units now visibly stagger backwards when struck by attacks.

-- new parameters for the DamageChar and DamageCharAt actions: direction. This causes the affected unit to visibly stagger in that direction when damaged.