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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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-- created masks for human, lissit, spriggat, and shadowling neckwear, hair accessories, scars, moles, beards, and tattoos; got hue-shifting working for them all.

-- fixed scaling and positioning data for the male human bandana.

-- fixed a layering issue with human male hair 7.


-- fixed eyebrows and mustaches showing up might too bright with some human hair colors.

-- fixed some unwanted hue-shifting going on with certain unique portraits and neckwear.


-- fallen soldier objects are now automatically palette-swapped to match whatever army they're set to.


-- fixed a long-standing issue with flyer elevation when moving from a hazard tile onto land.

-- fixed: it was possible for destructible objects to be (uselessly) affected by New Turn status.


-- fixed: bonus damage (e.g. from poisoned or burning weapons) wasn't getting included in the damage preview of skill tooltips.


-- each character now visibly approaches via portrait animation when delivering an "approach" line.

-- improved the "cooking reaction" dialogue.

-- improved the game's behavior handling reports coming up mid-dialogue.

-- fixed scripting for "Plot Event 0."

-- fixed a graphical glitch that was causing gray-haired characters to shift hair colors after more than one line of dialogue.


-- when building a bridge over a water, lava, or chasm tile, the game now sticks extra cosmetic bridge objects on adjacent land tiles to visibly connect the bridge to the land.

-- wrote a new Loyal defeat line.

-- took out the hit stagger animations; they just didn't look right with Unity's auto-smoothing.

-- improved the dodge animations.

-- fixed: it was possible to skip over script actions on hold via a Wait action by simply progressing to the next branch before they executed.


-- the game now supports Shield skills that damage the target. (They require a negative strength damage factor or psy damage factor.)

-- new skill: Adrenaline. Gives the target Move Bonus status until the end of the turn, but deals them 1/3rd of the user's Psy in damage.

-- added Adrenaline to the skill progression for mentalists, with a 33% chance of it appearing in lieu of Stimulate or Clarify.

-- got the bandit fortress entrance working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign!

-- fixed: using skills during exploration mode would still give experience, allowing players to easily level up infinitely using zero-energy abilities like Shove/Pull/etc.

-- fixed: the character creator had ceased to save head information correctly in character portraits due to changes in how that information was formatted elsewhere in the game.


-- clicking on a character you can talk to in exploration mode will now automatically trigger dialogue after the selected character moves over to them.

-- added support for the Use Once trigger type.

-- wrote documentation for the unit trigger types Use, Use Once, and Pressure.

-- fixed: the OnDoor dialogue trigger wasn't completely implemented.

-- fixed: triggering a Use or Use Once trigger would "end the character's turn" in exploration mode.

-- fixed: it was possible for the RemoveUnitAt script action to produce a null error if the correct coordinates weren't specified.


-- got the bandit fortress barracks working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- got the Meeting Teresa and Phoebe cut scene working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- fixed: AddSpeakerPortrait and the talk symbol weren't attaching to the correct generic enemy characters during dialogue triggered based on script ID.


-- got the bandit fortress second floor working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- new condition: Bar Skills. Bars the use of character skills in a map. Parameters are simply exceptions to the bar, which characters may use. (This is intended for use in exploration maps, but may be used in battles as well.)

-- when mousing over units in exploration maps, the cursor now changes to a Talk bubble if the selected character can talk to that unit.

-- when mousing over units in exploration maps, the cursor now changes to an Inspect symbol if the unit has a Use or Use Once trigger.


-- when clicking an object with a Use or Use Once trigger in exploration mode, the character will now move to the object and automatically attempt to use it.

-- when clicking a door in exploration mode, the character will now move to the door and automatically attempt to open/close it.

-- when mousing over doors in exploration mode, the cursor now changes to an Inspect symbol.

-- fixed: the game would display mouseover tooltips on characters if you moused over them during scripted movement within active dialogue.


-- the game now supports stairs!

-- added Wood Stairs and Castle Stairs destructible objects into the game with 4 directions each.

-- all unit tags with an operation parameter now support multiple operations in sequence.

-- new tag: AdjustElev. Allows you to string together a series of operations affecting bridge elevation.

-- added documentation for the Elev tag into the game.

-- fixed: the game's movement logic was not taking bridge elevation into account when calculating moveable spaces for characters.

-- fixed: when mousing over a bridge in battle or in the map editor, the terrain inspector would show the elevation of the tile below the bridge rather than the elevation of the bridge itself.

-- fixed: sound loops from testing a map would continue playing upon exiting to the map editor.


-- fixed: the game would refuse to spawn bridges on the same tile as a wall or a barricade if those objects spawned first.

-- fixed: the game was ignoring bridges for purposes of determining elevation on various spots for attacking.


-- finished updating the scripting and adding in the new stair objects to the bandit fortress entrance and bandit fortress second floor in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- got the bandit fortress basement and Fera's room working in the Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign.

-- wrote new dialogue for the bandit fortress.

-- the game now auto-selects the first character on the player's army upon loading a scene in exploration mode so you don't have to click someone to get started exploring.

-- new proc gen armor property: Cushioned. Basically a better version of Padded, it offers +30 Crush resistance.

-- started working on integrating the Fencer sprites into the game.

-- fixed: the new click-to-move-and-interact logic was preventing the player from moving onto item sacks or other spaces containing objects with an "All" passability.

-- fixed: click-to-interact wasn't working with objects directly adjacent to the selected character in exploration mode.

-- fixed: the game was allowing destructible objects to initiate dialogue with adjacent characters under certain circumstances. ;D

-- fixed: the game was skipping certain steps when initiating dialogue bootstrapped from a script via the LoadConv action in battle (such as hiding the Actions Menu and unhiding the dialogue portraits layer).

-- fixed: a couple of edge-case situations could cause move tile arrows or step symbols to remain displayed even after they'd been moused off of.

-- fixed: the GiveItem script action would always equip the given item regardless of the parameters used, even if it was an item that could not be equipped (such as a consumable)