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New RTD!

Started by Steelfist, February 07, 2010, 01:22:10 PM

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Quote from: Steelfist on February 07, 2010, 01:22:10 PM1- Epic fail
2- Backfires slightly
3- Nothing happens
4- Success, but barely
5- Perfect success
6- Overshot

I love how this system provides no middle ground between "epic fail" and "backfires slightly." ;D


Don't you see, it's modeled after your own games. lol.


action- works on dagger skill
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I like this game. Unfortunately I'm short on time, so I may only be able to come here a couple of times a month, so feel free to kick me out or give me a secondary role.

I picked my description from the old forums, if you don't mind.

Name: Ert
Race: Red Spriggat
Attacks: Mind blast and Fire Breath 1 & 2 (probably it will make more sense if I start with only Fire Breath 1). He's trying to develop "wall of fire": a localized set of flames kept in one place with his psy abilities and not transposable without getting severe burns (think about Set's static shield). Ert can't maintain it for a long time (say 1 or 2 turns and it's currently at level 0).
Skills: Can fly (yes, I know it's predictable!), can craft simple jewellery (and is able to evaluate jewellery), and can burp louder than the average spriggat! :P
Stats: Psy power: 15; Psy defense: 9; Personality: 5; Aptitude: 7.
And Ert probably didn't start with any clothes.

Some bio & characteristics:
Ert is usually a nice spriggat, but a little dumb (not too much). Sometimes he misunderstands what the others are meaning and his temper fires up a bit (you know, like the regular red spriggat).
He can get along with everyone - he just hates to be alone. Everyone he meets is instantly treated as his friend.
Ert is young and he's fascinated with the stories regarding the Shadowars: mainly with all the heroes involved. His favourite hero is Grotius (don't say anything against him or Cerzak, or else!). His fascination with the historical battles was the main reason for him to visit in Somnus quite a few times.
He's strong and quick because he played fighting games with other spriggats when he was younger (I'm assuming that fire breath appears in the spriggats adolescence, but it can be the other way around). He likes to eat lots of food but he's not fat because he's always doing something. Some may find him a bit hyperactive.
He don't discriminate the shadowlings because he believes that the problems with them were mainly due to Nelis.
He's looking forward to join an adventure party where some danger is involved.

Mmm... I was wondering if mind blast and Fire Breath 2 should be already available to Ert...

Ert's chosen actions during daytime (in decreasing preference): look for adventure, train "wall of fire", attend some classes (i.e. training), and hang with friends.
Ert's actions at night (in decreasing preference): look for adventure, go to a pub with his friends, and go to sleep.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.


Glad to see you ert. update on actions
1-3- train dagger skill
4-6- makes bronze gauntlets
Die swiffers! You'll get it for messin with my woman!


This sounds Interesting so I will join too:

My Character:

Name: Aaron
Race: Human
Sub-Race: Psy Fighter
Affinity: Light
Attacks: Mind Blast (lvl 2),Mind Shield (lvl 1), Light Blast (lvl 1), *Currently is working on Attack called Light Ring, where he shots light in circle around him  (like whirlwind) (lvl 0)* 
Skills: Knows Shadowling Text, Provides light in darkness, Can Swim Really Well
Special Skills: Clairvoyance (touching) (Is that too cheap?)
Stats: Psy Power: 9 , Psy Defence: 8, Aptitude: 10, Personality: 9

Profile: - fifteen years old
                    -  white-blue eyes 
                    - platatium blonde hair 
                    - 5.9 feet tall
                    - Wears a black shirt with a thin white jacket and scarf and some black pants with white shoes

Personality: - Calm
                           - Helpful/Kind
                 - Charismatic
          - Greedy
       - Sarcastic
                           - Romantic

Biography: - He comes from a merchant family who lives on the south side of Lake Alto
                        - Joined Psy Academy when he was 9 years old
              - Just graduated and is a black cape
                        - Looking for some Action, Treasure, and a Girl
                        - He is Neutral Good
                        - Mellow Dramatic Sometimes, and takes things a bit too far             

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This is The list of Characters So far, Any changes just post here in the forum:


Psy Fighter (Light)   

Psy Power:       9
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:    8   
Personality:      9
Aptitude:         10    

Mind Blast:       2
Mind Shield:      1
Light Blast:       1

S. Skill: Clairvoyance
Provide Light   



Red Spriggat:
Psy Fighter (Fire)   

Psy Power:      15
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:    9   
Personality:      5
Aptitude:         7   

Mind Blast:       1   
Fire Breath:      2
Wall of Fire:      1

S. Skill:
Flying, Craft/Appraise   


Mikiea Uinop   

Gelf Fighter   

Psy Power:     n/a
Power:             7
Psy Defence:   10   
Personality:      0
Aptitude:         19

Dagger:             2
Claws:               2

S. Skill:
Climbing, Smithing   



Psy Fighter (Ice)   

Psy Power:      12
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:   12   
Personality:      7
Aptitude:          5   

Mind Blast:       2
CryoBlast:        2

S. Skill:
Drop Temperature   


C. Maome   

Untrained Psy   

Psy Power:     n/a
Power:              6
Psy Defence:   10   
Personality:     10
Aptitude:         10   

Sword:              2             
Backhander:     1
Sword Throw:  1

S. Skill:
Throwing Sword + Return   



Shadowling Assassin (Shadow)
Psy Power:      11
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:   10   
Personality:      4
Aptitude:         11   

Mind Blast:       2
Shadow Port:    1
Shadow Blast:   1

S. Skill:
Stun Enemies   


Othren Barak
A.K.A: The Wraith   

Psy Assassin

Psy Power:      12
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:    9   
Personality:      7
Aptitude:          8   
Mind Blast:        2
Leap:               1
Shadow Blast:    1

S. Skill:
Lock Picking, Sneaking   

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character: Isez
stats:strength 6 defence 6 personality 12 appitude 12
skills:uses dark powers and gives friends temporary shadow resistance
story: comes from a family of dark spigurat and even though he is of one of the highest breed of spigurat he is shunned by his weakness in physical strength. he runs away from home in order to find a bigger purpose in his life. has been missing from for years and his family had not even tried looking for him.
he despises people who think power is everything and enjoys the company of people who use there brain
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Steel Ersatz Man

Race: Human Performer
Stats: psy power=0
psy defence=12
skills: Can use his mind to read someone's mind and then create an illusion of it to make them run away.
Bio: Aloc was raised in a town near the lowlands and led a normal life until he discovered he had psy abilities. He applied to join the PSY Academy but was rejected because he could not muster up any sort of attack or defence skills. He self-taught himself to use his powers. His unique psy abilities let him scan minds almost as well as David and create images in the real world. (you could just walk right through them. Like holograms in Sci-Fi movies) He made his living by performing on the streets with this power and made quite a lot of money compared to the average person. (Like, in between a common trader and a Gem Baron. Probably about as much as a banker makes.) At 23 he set off outside his hometown to try and found his own psy school where people can learn to use them in a non-violent way. His amazing intelligence and ability to persuade people will surely come in very handy...

(Sorry about the change with psy power from 1 to 0 and psy defence from 11 to 12. I thought you couldn't have 0.)
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Well After viewing and watching this profile and checking out Steelfists profile, it doesn't look like he is going to be back in a while. With that being said I wish to create a forum that would be the story while people would post their Character Info in this forum. Of course, with myself saying this I wish to be the narrotor of the story and role the dice, at least until SteelFist Comes back.
If The World Was A Bit More Like Canada, Then We Would Have A Great World, And Hockey 24/7

- Lord Canada

Steel Ersatz Man

Ok then, my character travelles to Somnus to try and find any spriggats or shadowlings like him.
We are the steel alliance. None shall take our hill!


Quote from: Ersatz Man on March 22, 2010, 02:48:31 PM
Ok then, my character travelles to Somnus to try and find any spriggats or shadowlings like him.

I'm making another forum so that the story can be seperate
If The World Was A Bit More Like Canada, Then We Would Have A Great World, And Hockey 24/7

- Lord Canada


Character: Adon
Race: Human, Psy
Type: Cyro
Stats: Mind blast level 2, Cyro blast level 1, Cyro cross, level 2
Psy power: Level 12
Psy defense: Level 14
Personality: 7
Apitude: 3
Skills: Can create two blades of ice from his palms and attack with them. Level 1
Bio: Little is known about his childhood, but he is a white cape at the academy.

Xemadus Echina

is a late start ok? if so heres me. also can my starting position be a crater in an empty field right outside of the forest?
name: Rainen

Bio: 17 year old god like being, due to an unexplained anomaly, teleporting into this dimension caused him to loose a variety of special abilities, equipment and the majority of his skills.
psy power:15
psy def:5

Race & subrace: human/psy assassin

Psy specialisation: fire
attacks: pyro crush, hits all spaces around user for psy power + psy power/psy def
pyro assault, pyro blast with piercing. hits up to 3 spaces in a straight line damage is psy power +10, +5, +0
personal static shield
teleportation, shadowport but can go to any space on the field

Special skills: mysticism-all fire is blue fire, fire attacks get +5 damage;  regains 5% of total health every turn

if this is to powerful i can nerf some things
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Rainen! That wayyyyyy to cheap. First of all the points must add up to 36 not 45. Second of all you can only start of with 4 attack points (these are used to determine which attacks you can have). I would say that your character has mind balst (lvl 2), Pryo Blast (lvl 1), and a choice between Pryo Crush, Static Shield, and Pryo Assult (lvl). Teleportation, is too cheap. The final thing is your Specail power, The Pryo Modifier I like and you can keep it (though +3 is more reasonable) but 5% health regain is to cheap my friend. Don't worry though, you will unlock most of your powers if you get enough gold to train to a certain level. Once you have done those things You can start in the RTD Story thread (different from Ertsa Man's story though) with around 50 gold. Yes your starting position can be a crater.

This is what I am hinking for your person


Psy Fighter (Pryo)

Psy Power: X (you will re-choose these)
Power: X
Defence: X
Aptitude: X
Personality: X

Mind Balst: 2
Pryo Blast: 1
Choice: 1

S. Skill:
+4 to Pryo Attacks

If The World Was A Bit More Like Canada, Then We Would Have A Great World, And Hockey 24/7

- Lord Canada