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Boss battles playlist & questions about D'Kah

Started by Mania, February 13, 2021, 11:18:16 AM

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I noticed there's not really many videos of the game up on YT, so I made sure to record all of the game's boss battles, both mandatory and optional, for posterity's sake.

The hardest boss battle award has to go to General D'Kah in the Al'Dukkan armory, that one's nearly impossible! Does anyone know what happens if you do beat him there? And does anyone know what happens if you drag out the fight with Fernatus too much? And what do people think happens with D'Kah in the endings where he's not killed in the assault on Ravinale?

Aside from that, Hellion was the hardest boss battle due to the power of all his henchmen.


I've played the game all the way through only once, and defeated Cygnus via the "Facts and Logic" route. I intended to reload and actually go through the fight against Cygnus, but never did. Now I know what I missed! Thanks for sharing!


Ha, this is great! Thanks for making this. :D