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Has anybody else played Harvester?

Started by MikeW781, May 04, 2010, 08:46:58 PM

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Has anybody else on this site played Harvester? If not, the link is here
Its a pretty cool game, especially the plotline.
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I've played it, but I'm more into the TRPG series, so I kinda got bored since there wasn't much combat, but overall, it's very clever, too clever for me. :D


I played it a little, but I didn't understand how to progress past the...third floor, I believe. I presume that it has something to do with using cards on the statues, but I tried interacting with them, and I couldn't seem to do anything.

Edit: Ah, nevermind. Figured out that there was a "use equipped soul" button. Finished it, and it seemed like none of the opponents ever attack you -- you can just keep hitting "end turn" to build up power and nothing happens. And is there any way to change the ending?


honestly, same here. I was mostly looking for some help.
Currently tied with Zack for the title of Master of Light!


Which one is the "Use equipped soul"?
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I've officially played, and I believe I beat Harvester, and yes, it is a pretty dark tale...


I can't figure out which one opens the one about telling the husband she loves him. ???

Probably the Divorcee, the only one I don't have, right?

Edit: BTW, the Lover open the one "If only there were a girl down here"
This is Gambit. The cards are about to explode. Goodbye!


I don't know. You could try going through every soul by trial and error. Maybe the Lover or something like a Psychiatrist, if there is one?


This is quite a different game from all the rest, I have played it and kind of enjoyed it, though the story is rather dark. Still, it's an interesting change of pace from the rest of the projects, and I would like to see a couple of more small projects to add to the main Telepath series.

Admittedly, I also initially got stuck in the apparent dead end, until managing to figure out how to use the souls, though some of the descriptions are not too obvious (plus the random factor can make it so that you're able to aquire either most, or very few souls in the end).
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It's fun but dark, really dark. I prefer the TRPG series though.
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I enjoyed it, despite my initial difficulties figuring out what to do. A very good game, considering how long it took to make it.

Idozen Cair

Well, I've finished the game and all, with the help of this topic, I don't really understand the plotline. Can someone explain please?
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Well, from what I gathered (Haha);

[spoiler]You are a spirit which harvests souls for an unknown reason. You go into the dungeon for more souls. Another spirit confronts you. You kill it, as it won't use the spirits of the dead to attack. It turns out that it has trapped you in the dungeon for eternity. That was from memory, so there may be errors.[/spoiler]

It wasn't really made for storyline.