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Started by CraigStern, December 15, 2021, 10:08:42 AM

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- fixed a few scripting errors in randomizer versions of campaign maps.


- added a new, super-secret recruitable character to the game. :)

- added MoveCam scripting to the door and switch tutorial in Rescuing Meridian.

- fixed: Emma and Sabrina were not appearing on the map in the cut scene after the Adelbrae fight.

- fixed: regular enemies were attacking the treasure chest in Battle with Gunther. Moved up the appearance of the thief by 2 rounds to compensate for removing this bit of pressure; added a second chest to serve as an optional objective that makes the fight harder.

- fixed: materials for proc gen weapons and armor were broken by changes necessary for localization support.


- objective reticles are now placed around all of the fruit trees on the first turn of Out of Food Battle.


- fixed: the flashback cut scenes had ceased to advance to the next frame upon ending cut scene dialogue due to changes made to fix unintended behaviors in Together in Battle.

- updated randomizer versions of maps with the fixes above.


- added an "Unlocked!" pop-up message to the steel door when pulling the lever in the Coria Dogs Ground Floor battle.


- removed the turn 24 and 28 reinforcements from the Battle with Ebon Raban when playing on difficulties below Veteran.


- boosted Umber Gnawbone's Psy by 6 and Energy by 36 when playing on Veteran difficulty or above.


- fixed: the Randomizer campaign would not progress after Adelbrae battle.

- fixed: the Protector's Manual was no longer functioning properly in the Randomizer campaign.