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Feras Room Bug

Started by carlosfriendlys, March 25, 2022, 11:09:14 AM

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Emma can pick up beyond 10 items in Feras room.  In my case I had her pick the map with an already full inventory.  This causes a bug: Afterwards she can not exit.


Interesting. Can you send me your save file?


Sorry, for this issue I did not get a save before deleting and starting over.  However, in my second playthrough I have a new issue again with the bandit fortress.  This time the very first cutscene traps Emma behind the soldiers.  For this issue I have a log file and a save file. 
When I tried to add the save file I get a message that .telepath extensions can not be attached to these forum responses.  How do I do this?


Hey carlos! I have two questions for you:

(1) when you started this second playthrough, was it right after quitting to the title screen from your old playthrough? (That is: did you close the game in between quitting your older playthrough and starting a new one, or did you quit to the title screen and go right to New Game?)
(2) did you start this second playthrough before your copy of the game updated to version 1.0.12 yesterday?

As for sending a save file, just send me an email with it attached!


Thank you - I just sent the save in an email to you.  For your questions:
1. The game was fully closed and in a subsequent playthrough attempt it was re-opened.
2. I started the playthrough on Mar 30, so yes, this is likely.


Thank you! I have a suspicion that this is a legacy issue left over from before version 1.0.12, but I'll keep an eye open in case it crops up again with someone starting a new game in version 1.0.12 or later.