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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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- received new Palace Gardens cutscene background (necessary for the next main plot scene).

- hand-painted new animated banners to replace the janky procedural ones from Blender.

- implemented the new banners in the game!

- fixed: the adult female Dese civilian's right-facing walk animation had been overwritten with an up-facing walk animation in the sprite sheet.

- fixed: one of the wall chunks in the recruitment duel fight had become rotated incorrectly.

- fixed: the player would be locked out from visiting the jobs board if no characters were available on the team, preventing the player from participating in card tournaments.


- new unique arena event that can occur in Tiger League: "Powerbot 5000."

- new skill: Shockwave. Deals Crush damage to every unit adjacent and immediately diagonal, with a chance of stunning.

- new visual effect: Shockwave.

- promoted Gasuls now have their own distinct post-promotion spriteset! (The Bonebreaker/Cripple/Stunner animation needs a bit more work, but otherwise it's all in.)

- fixed: it was possible for winnings to go into the negatives with enough stalling in any given arena fight.

- fixed: when playing with gamepad, it was possible for the game to become "stuck" at the conclusion of evening camp activities.

- the SetWinAura script action now supports multiple operations in one call, delimited by commas.

- fixed: golems created in the character creator were not receiving the golem voice set for their babble sounds.


- reduced the dodge gain upon promoting a barudit to Wyrm to make Drake stand out a bit more as an option.

- the game now creates a day log each time a character dies or fully recovers from their wounds.

- added shoulder button support to the calendar screen when playing with a gamepad; the shoulder buttons now automatically switch the currently displayed month.

- fixed: when playing with gamepad and using the reserve supplies screen during deployment in battle, the game would inappropriately shift gamepad cursor focus to the battlefield when hitting "B" to back out of an individual character inventory.

- fixed: when playing with gamepad, visiting the jobs board would cause the gamepad cursor to jump up to the calendar button at the top of the screen.

- fixed: when playing with gamepad, the "B" button would not exit out of the calendar screen.

- fixed: when playing with gamepad, the UI arrows were no longer appearing in their intended spots on buttons within the reserve supplies screen during deployment in battle.

- fixed: gamepad support for the promotion screen was missing during non-combat scenes.

- fixed: it was possible for character tooltips to pop up over the top of the promotion screen when a character promoted in battle when playing with the gamepad.