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Bug - Manage Inventory Screen Not Closing/Registering?

Started by RatLantern, February 15, 2024, 04:06:10 PM

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I picked up Telepath Tactics Liberated alongside Together In Battle on my Steam Deck. I feel like the changes that came along with the new engine are really great, and I've been super enjoying the newer portraits since the Liberated release!

I have one show-stopping bug that is keeping me from getting far in to the game, though. I'm using the default layout suggested by the Steam Deck, which puts me on the Xbox Controller layout.

- At the start of the battle, use the manage supplies button to bring up the supplies screen
- Give an item, such as bandages, to a character
- Observe that the character's personal inventory is now displayed
- Attempt to close the menu using the "B" button, which should close the character's personal inventory and bring me back to the manage supplies screen
- Observe that it closes the character's personal inventory, *but* the controller UI is now the menu layer UNDER the manage supplies screen, which at this moment is the place units on map UI. Observe that the manage supplies menu is still open and on top of the screen.

This also applies to other areas where this screen can be open. For example, in a game map with the supply tent on the field, using the supply tent and backing out of a personal inventory will cause the manage supplies screen to remain open, but you're now controlling the character instead of still engaging the UI.

I can *sort of* work around this by switching my control scheme to mouse and keyboard. This will allow me to manage everyone's inventory. I can then switch back to gamepad. However, a *separate* bug here will make the gamepad controls no longer really function. Moving the tile-cursor will keep trying to gravitate the screen towards the point on the screen that I touched last.

This doesn't seem to occur in Together In Battle, only in the latest Telepath Tactics Liberated.

The game was released a while ago, and you've already had a post-final update final update, so I understand if this is outside of your time and attention at this moment. If this issue is resolved I'll finally be able to continue my campaign, and I'm looking forward to it!


Thank you for the report! If this doesn't happen in Together in Battle, that should mean that it's already just kinda fixed in the engine in general; I'll be releasing a patch for TTL sometime in the not-too-distant future incorporating these sorts of engine improvements, so hopefully that should do the trick. :)


Yatah! I'll be sure to chime in after verifying the fix. Thank you for the speedy and reassuring reply! ^_^


Confirming that this specific bug doesn't occur anymore! I did run in to other issues relating to the shop menu, but that was much more fixable ad-hoc than this bug was. I also seemed to have lost my save file, but I'm chocking that one up to Steam Decks being weird, and I wasn't far in to the game on that file anyways.

Happily able to continue playing this again, thank you for updating the game!


Hooray, I'm glad to hear it! What other issues were you running into with the shop menu?