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Ideas for Combat-Caused Social Events (and etc!)

Started by RatLantern, February 20, 2024, 04:04:27 PM

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I'm really enjoying the game, although I've only hung around to be in Monkey League. While playing, I had a few ideas for things that could happen in combat and then later be mentioned by your people during social hours. I hope that something here sparks inspiration, or is otherwise interesting! As noted, only a Monkey, so some of these might be already implemented.

We're going to have three character names.
- Foo is one of your characters and will have something to say.
- Bar is an ally of Foo. Bar might have a reply for Foo.
- Doe is an enemy that you are encountering on a map.


Reflecting on battles, specifics

- Bar is felled in battle by Doe. Foo gets the last hit on Doe. The next time they converse, Foo remarks that they got revenge on Bar's behalf. Bar might have thankfulness, or some other feeling about "revenge". Perhaps they feel shameful for needing to be avenged.
- Foo attacks Doe and defeats them, immediately after Bar had attacked Doe. Foo remarks to Doe about being a good team. Bar may agree, or quip about how that was their kill to take and that Foo stole it.
- Bar is already a friend of Foo, and takes a lot of hits in a fight. If Foo hasn't already expressed it before, they could express concern. Bar might appreciate the check-in, and may boast about how it'll take more than that to take them down.
- Bar dealt damage to Foo during the last fight somehow, such as an AoE or pushing an enemy in to them. Foo remarks that Bar should be more careful, laughing it off or perhaps being angry about it.
- Bar cast a defensive psy ability on Foo. Foo expresses gratitude. Perhaps it was a Blinding Cloak, and someone missed an attack against Foo, or a Frost Armor reduced the damage of a physical attack. They could mention the Psy used for this.
- Foo has fought alongside Bar a number of battles and hasn't seen Bar get defeated. Perhaps Foo had already been defeated once before. Foo asks Bar "how they do it", making an opportunity for training.
- Bar LAUNCHED Foo in the last battle, using Throw or a powerful Kinetic Wind. Foo remarks to Bar how they feel about it. Perhaps they want "more warning next time", or that it felt really exciting.
- Foo was hit by a psy attack last battle, and seeks guidance from Bar on how to better defend against such techniques.
- Bar ended a turn floating or flying over an impassable terrain adjacent to Foo in the last battle. Foo remarks to Bar how convenient and useful it must be to be able to fly over things.
- Foo did XYZ damage last match, and compares themself to Bar. Perhaps Bar quips that they did more damage all at once, compared to Foo's sprinkled-everywhere damage.
- Bar healed Foo using Mind Shield, and Foo thanks Bar. Especially if the gained health put them out of being defeated, comparing the total amount of damage that Foo took to their maximum health.
- Bar used Motivate on Foo, and Foo remarks on how exhilarating it felt.
- Bar placed a trap next to Foo, which an enemy got stunned on and lost their turn. They would have intended to attack Foo if not for this trick, so Foo is grateful to Bar.
- Foo went in to the last battle not at full health, but remarks that they know Bar had their back.
- Bar used a ranged attack over the shoulder of Foo. Foo could remark about their synergy, or that they were worried they would be hit, or how spectacular it was to see the damage done up close.
- Bar is an Engineer and placed a bridge, which Foo was able to stand on and fight from or pass over. Foo expresses gratitude at Bar's handiwork.
- Foo defeated Doe, who was the same class as Bar. They talk about it, and Bar may remark that they're certainly stronger than Doe, or that it's good that Foo is on their side.


Other Interactions

- Foo is Aquaphobic and Bar is a Swimmer. Foo remarks how they could never get in the water willingly, while Bar says it's nice depending on the weather, or somesuch.
- Foo complains that the last battle, there was rain or fog. Bar tries to cheer them up by mentioning something that they like, or mentioning something that Foo likes. "Try to think about pinecones."
- Foo quietly, or not so quietly, resents that Bar is equipped with much more expensive weapons and equipment.
- Foo used a Grappling Hook in a recent battle, and had great fun zooming around and grabbing people and grappling to things. They do so at the camp too, possibly raising their own morale or showing other people how to use it.
- Foo is an Archer, and notices that your Psy Clash deck has a high amount of Archers in it. They express joy about this, or perhaps self-served smug satisfaction.
- Foo really wants to nail the upcoming battle, and asks that they be allowed to leave camp for a few days, showing the night before the next scheduled battle. They come back refreshed and ready for this fight. They may express disappointment if they weren't included in it.
- Foo asks Bar to sit out on a fight, and watch them. If Foo does well, Bar learns something from the experience.
- Bar is a Golem of some sort. Foo wants to test their strength against a machine. If they win they gain morale, perhaps they gain some sort of respect otherwise.
- Foo is an Engineer, and can use their ties to the Mechanics to get a discount on your next Golem purchase.

We'll try to think of more to share, later!


Ha, thanks so much for the ideas--these are great! I'll definitely think about implementing some of these. :D