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What is your catchphrase?

Started by Duskling, June 06, 2010, 01:55:30 AM

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my catchphrase is:
pruneman is awesome!!!!!!!!!


Aha! Spammer! *banned*

It would be my catchphrase if I was a mod.

Hint, hint.
Quote from: Tastidian on July 02, 2010, 02:52:50 AM
He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends.

Current Elemental Master of Cryokinesis.



Methinks around here I would bet good money on "obey the rules and use proper grammar and punctuation" being associated with me.

Worry not Brom, we have them spammers under close control ;)
Welcome to the forums!
Read the rules, use proper grammar and punctuation, play the games, share your ideas and enjoy your stay!


Hmm . . . I hate to say it, KZ, but your motto doesn't seem to be having much of an effect.


Methinks talking old english is quite amusing indeed.


"Hickory dickory dock.
A mouse ran up the clock.
I am hating of you,
You smell like a shoe,
Or maybe my Granny's old sock.

Wait... I don't think that's how it goes."
This is Gambit. The cards are about to explode. Goodbye!

Xemadus Echina

never again.
i'm gonna stab you with a spoon.
fire it up.
I don't have time to [spoiler]F***[/spoiler] around.

and yes i did notice but i could still read it easy.
im writing a book!;topicseen
heres a free verse poem I wrote for school
You never know
Just what you will find after you
Lost your favorite thing. But
The important thing is that the
Game you play will help you to get by.


"I'm sorry", "My bad", or any kind of apology.

I apologize a lot. It's not healthy.


By reading this totally insignificant post you have given me enough time to steal your wallet.

The Holy namelesskitty

OH MY GAWD!!  I,ve been hacked. :'(
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :


The Holy namelesskitty

appearently is was just a moderator-y thing that I didn't Know about.
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :


Oh the topic you created its never happen to me before. I think.

The Holy namelesskitty

Wait, what? seriously, I could not understand that one bit.
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :