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Spirit Identity vs. Jinn

Started by SmartyPants, February 13, 2011, 02:44:09 PM

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If a spirit mistake his/her identity, does that make the spirit into a Jinn?



There are two cases in TSoG where a spirit can mistake thier identity.

First it is with Azma:
[spoiler]When Azma forgets his name, Duvalier can make Azma believe his name is "Zalam".[/spoiler]

Second it is with Luca:
[spoiler]To scare an angry mob, Luca will pretent to be the Angle of Yawah, Luca'ra'il.  If Duvalier encourages her to act like a wrathful angle, then she will mistakenly believe that she really is Luca'ra'il[/spoiler]

If the spirit's personality / identity change, does that make them a Jinn?


It doesn't seem so; they remain fairly stable, don't they?

Besides, I think the name is not as important as that they believe they have a tie to their past life/a purpose, a purpose would allow them to form a new personality, and their 'name' might allow them to fabricate a past life in their minds.


I don't think so. I think the name is just symbolic and makes it easier for the wandering mind of the spirit to keep a purpose. So I agree with Steelfist.


The definition of a Jinn, according to the wiki, is a spirit that doesn't remember its name. So yes, it would.
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Unless the spirit finds another name and it's identity becomes attached to it instead. I would think that the definition means that by losing it's name, the spirit loses it's focus and concentration, causing it to become maniacal and crazy. I would think that the spirit could "adopt" their new name and forge themselves a new focus, past, and purpose.


I think a spirit needs a sense of identity to remain stable.  Much like the spirits that are protecting the indigo orb, a spirit without a sense of identity is just primal emotions.  Therefore, I think a spirit needs to lose all sense of identity(correct or incorrect) inorder to become a Jinn.