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If you could be...

Started by Duskling, June 20, 2010, 05:42:25 AM

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Who are you?

Explosive Expert


This is like a personality poll, I set up classes from various multiplayer games to determine your personality, please post why you voted on that class.

I voted sniper because I'm the kind of person who likes to get their problems over with quickly and efficiently.


Same here. But shouldn't this be moved to forums games. Mostly for the post-count issue...
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Quote from: mikew781 on June 20, 2010, 07:51:16 AMBut shouldn't this be moved to forums games.

Nah--this is discussion, not a game. You're allowed to get a higher post count from just talking about stuff. ;) Carry on.


So CraigStern would be a spy, eh? That tells much...


i am an explosive expert. i love making noise and drawing attention to myself.
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I like the feeling of putting a lot of work and preparation into something, and watching it do exactly what it's supposed to do, with flair.
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Who is this anonymous Medic? CONFESS, INTRUDER!!!


Medics are, depending on how good everyone else is, sometimes necessary for the other's survival. 

Not that I'm admitting to anything of course.
Quote from: Tastidian on July 02, 2010, 02:52:50 AM
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I was pondering medic, but I'll go with explosives expert as well- more scientific, that is (though engineer could also be a possibility... but that's just too mechnical for my liking). ;)
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The Holy namelesskitty

when you're in a plane or helicopter it's way easy to blow stuff up. Plus you can out run almost anyone else
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Sorry Duskling, looks like I'm the intruder. I voted and didn't think to post.

Anyways I choose medic because I take a Set-like view on these things. I'd much rather help than hurt. Plus its one of the things I'm looking into for a career, well nursing at least. I would prefer doctor but I don't have the money or time for eight years of schooling.


Interesting... So your more of the "Saving lives rather than taking them person?" That tells much.


I took sniper, because you never really have to get near. You can solve your 'problems' from a safe distance, while doing it just as efficiently as someone up close.


Fairly quietly as well, might I add.


Indeed. Much less risky than the soldier as well.