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What can you do in TSoG?

Started by KZ, February 09, 2010, 12:33:09 PM

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Quite a common question, this, and often crops up in development, so here is the succinct answer:

What you can do so far in TRPG3/TSoG:
-unfinished prison escape indtroduction
-talking to Ahmed in Ravinale Marketplace and getting randomly generated battles with bandits through him
-playing Psy Duel with Ali in West Ravinale
-completing the first mission in Baz's Manor (getting rid of the ghosts), with the final cutscene (at least, it is final for now)
-completing a side-quest for Arman that should take you to the docks
-a temporary area for randomly generated battles found in Deeper Downs, it will be replaced by something else later on though
-talk to the beggar in Ravinale Marketplace and if you're rude to him battle 3 Ravinale Guards
-talk to some of your teammates, read a bookshelf in Ravinale Library
-completing the second mission by visiting the Marid camp
-completing the 3rd mission by going south of the Docks (with possibly a cut-scene missing in the Bandit cave area)
-starting the 4th mission in HQ, aka Save Duvalier' parents mission (beginning of dialogue with Griffin, several cut-scenes, one battle, a bit of post-mission dialogue this mission isn't finished yet!)
-completing the first part of a side-quest for Umma (a woman in Marid Camp) that will involve a pet desert scorpion
-going to the Ravinale Docks, talking to the Businessman there, accepting his proposition then battling him and his gang
-starting a series of side-quests for the Librarian that will involve some crypts (crypt 1 completely in game, crypt 2 competely in game,  can get crypt 3 description only)
-visiting Psy Academy and talking to several people there including students, guards and a tutor
-completing a side-quest involving Mahboob, a woman from wealthy quarters and involving yourself in family matters
-starting a side-quest involving a drunk man Dayn
-starting a side-quest with the sinister assassin Al'al

I'll update this list when CraigStern adds in extra features. Current list valid for version up on 26/02/10
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Xemadus Echina

if only KZ was here to update this list... can we though since it's now private beta
im writing a book!;topicseen
heres a free verse poem I wrote for school
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KZ or Ert. Maybe Craig will have time to.