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Elemental Affinity!

Started by irocksockes, July 04, 2010, 08:38:19 PM

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Hello there! i just felt like telling everyone my take on the riddle where you choose your elemental affinity.

Thank goodness for 8th grade language arts class.
The element that corresponds with each answer  lies within key words.

Wisdom lies with great passion-passion, which of course is any POWERFUL emotion or feeling.Fire i guess could be called the element ot power and intensity,thus this answer  leads to an affinity with fire.

Wisdom lies with rationality and detachment-detachment, of course could be detaching yourself from eny emotion and becoming unfeelingand cold, much like ice is.

WIsdom lies with scrutinizing the mistakes of the past.- as we all know, mistakes are a negative thing , and ar obviously bad, which is why this is affiliated with shadow.

WIsdom lies with bringing future possibilties to light- well obviously, because it says lights, but Future possibilities are something we look up to as a positive thing and light also symbolizes  new knowledge.

So there it is. If you have come to a crossroads on this riddle, i hope this has helped you out.


it is? hmmm.. i suppose so


Then should it not be in the walkthrough


Mhmm, I believe this can be placed on a walkthough, though this "riddle" has been discussed at great lengths before and I don't believe had much trouble solving it. Still, thanks for the effort, irocksockes, I'll move this to the walkthrough thread!
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