Author Topic: The Official Orb Walkthrough  (Read 4848 times)

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The Official Orb Walkthrough
« on: February 09, 2010, 12:02:23 PM »
Blood Orb

property: increases the Hero's hp by 15

available: from the beginning (or after mission 1 if initially chosen Psy Power stat is below 8 Â )

location: Crypt 1

method of acquisition: go into East Ravinale and enter the Library, go to the back of the Library and speak to the Guard there (the options you choose are non-consequential), then speak to the Librarian and accpet the side quest (walkthrough for the Librarian side quest can be found here). After this, go to the world map and enter Crypt 1 location. Solve all the puzzles and obstacles and reach Floor 4 (use the side quest walkthroughs if needed). On Floor 4, approach the chest and click on it:
-[Open the chest.]
-[Pick it up.]

Finally, click on the books to be transported back to Ravinale.

disqualification: rejecting the Librarian's side quest and not getting the location of Crypt 1

Orange Orb

available: from the beginning

location:  West Ravinale

method of acquisition:

disqualification: completing Mahboob side quest in a different manner

I'll update this thread as new orbs come into play (I'll update the ornage orb walkthrough when I get some free time). Current as of v1.50.
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