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Started by ArtDrake, September 03, 2010, 06:50:47 PM

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Since the goal and purpose of these forums is mostly creativity, could there be / is there already a guideline that if you're going to be negative about an idea, and/or be negative, you should put back an idea that is just as good, as long as it's a serious idea? I've run into blunt negativity about ideas that leaves out the "constructive" part of constructive criticism, and while this seems a bit sugar-coated for a place called "Sinister Design," it really shows that you respect the person and their ideas/work. Give it a shot, anyone?


Well, the premise is good, but sometimes one simply does not like an idea from purely emotional/ethical reasons, and as such, does not wish to see the idea implemented in any way, however modified it may be. Still, you do have a very good point to make- if one does not like the idea, you might as well be polite about it, rather than saying that it's "stupid" or something insubstantial along those lines. Thus, methinks it's worth bearing in mind, that some people will see things in completely opposite ways, sometimes, then one will just have to be honest, but polite in their responce.
Also, quite often the idea is interesting, but doesn't fit the Telepath style (in the user's opinion)- then go ahead and say it so, it is still a valid point to make. It is, after all, your true opinion.
I think the issue is with how people are saying those things- quite often people are condescending, arrogant or downright unpleasant/dismissive in their posts- that, I think, should be avoided. However, if one does not like an idea, I don't think it's wise to force people to produce an alternative- sometimes folks aren't inspired, but if they might not agree with you once, they might agree with you elsewhere, or put forth their own idea.
Thus- be polite, folks, even if you're negative about it (yep, just say you strongly dislike the idea 'cause it has very little appeal for you personally in the context of seeing it in TSoG); be honest; try to be constructive if you think you can be (that is, you might not like the idea itself much, but a certain variation of it may be more appealing to you, or a compromise).
Welcome to the forums!
Read the rules, use proper grammar and punctuation, play the games, share your ideas and enjoy your stay!


Thank you, KZ. That's what I would have said, had it not been 15 hours after I got up in the morning at that time.

I think blunt negativity can be fine, when you just don't like the idea on principle, or as it just doesn't fit TSoG, but it gets old.

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