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New RTD!

Started by Steelfist, February 07, 2010, 01:22:10 PM

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Steel Ersatz Man

Quote from: Ersatz Man on September 17, 2010, 09:45:28 AM
I wanna join too. Here's my character:

Name: Moohab

Age: 27

Occupation: Ravindale Guard

Weapon: Spear+Sheild

Strength: 10
Physical Defense: 8
Psy Power: N/A
Psy Defense: N/A
Aptitude: 8
Personality: 10 (more intimidating than friendly)

Special Abilities: Superior physical prowess to most people and his skill with a spear+sheild.

E.T.C.: When he was going to train to be a guard, his father gave him the family heirloom. A green orb. It is his most prized possesion and, unknowingly to him, it has given him the energy and speed that has made him become a very succesful guard

Bio: A guard who is more than a peon but less than a higher up in the guard's corporate ladder. His family was killed by rogue psy's during his training as a guard and his dream is to track down the people who killed his parents and get revenge. He hates all people with any psy powers.

Considering my Aloc story has just gone completely off track, I'm starting a new game where I can kill people ;D.
We are the steel alliance. None shall take our hill!


Good for you, but, no thanks.

Steel Ersatz Man

We are the steel alliance. None shall take our hill!