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Save File Options

Started by Zackirus, October 30, 2010, 11:33:04 AM

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I was just thinking to myself as I was looking over my saved files for TSoG, don't you think their should be more options with your save files. I mean, why can't we delete and copy files in most other RPGs. This would clear up the amount of save files on one's computer and possibly prevent the player from replaying the entire game when they are faced with a game changing decision. Do you agree with adding a delete and/or copy option to save file menu?
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Why? You can delete files by saving over them in the game.

I can see the value of being able to copy save files in-game, but I don't think Flash has that capability yet (AIR might, but TSoG isn't compatible with AIR at the moment).


And if you want to delete a save, just go into the hidden folder that the saves are stored in and delete the file you want deleted.