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Slave Bracelet Powers

Started by SmartyPants, February 13, 2010, 11:16:47 AM

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Quote from: TRPG1You slip the bracelet onto your wrist--in a instant, it constricts tightly. You feel a wave of dizziness come over you. And then suddenly, as if awakening from a deep slumber, you find your thoughts are uncommonly clear. You realize that now you can do more then you once could...
Does this mean that slave bracelets can make humans into more powerful psys?


From what little we do know, it seems that the slave bracelet enhances and facilitates the Psys ability to control his Gift.
There are also different types of slave bracelets, and we don't really know what all the different types do. We know, for instance, that some can cloud memory of events prior to the slave taken on the bracelet. The bracelet also allows a Master to punish and kill his slave, and it also prevents the slave from escaping or disobeying direct orders.
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Is it just me, or when you put on the bracelet, do your psy points go really high?
Yeah, I'm a snowman. Got a problem with that?



Yeah, I'm a snowman. Got a problem with that?


when you put the bracelit on you gain 15 more psy points
mock the pheonix you will burn


in chapter 1 when you start over you only lose the points if you go to sleep
in chapter 2 when it comes off you dont
mock the pheonix you will burn