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Teammates Affinity

Started by Zackirus, August 15, 2010, 10:17:09 AM

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Even if currently no one can have two resistances, perhaps in the future this will be different. In particular if the twilight blast is implemented (Shadow+Light attack), together with some elemental arrows, then we're mixing elements and we can expand the concept to resistances.

Just for historical reasons, somebody may like to take a look at the first suggestion I found of the twilight blast in the old forums. It was the 11th post by Herox (out of only 35).
It was really hard to find this twilight blast reference, because the search function in the old forums isn't working.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.


Thank you. I was just thinking of mixed elemental affinities. I was thinking of something like HellFire, pyro+shadow, GodsWrath, pyro+light, DeadSun, cryo+shadow, FrozenWrath, IceFire, cryo+pyro.


From what I see, Ert hits the nail on the head in his first post on this thread- that affinity is just a disposition towards an element, like a person preferring to swim in a lake, rather than walk around the mountains, but it doesn't necessarily mean that that person will get a resistance or immunity (folks can drown or fall of a cliff, unless they have special gear which they're trained to use)- thus only some Psy folks get the resistance.
With ghosts, that's a good question, something that we'll have to think very strongly about why that is the case to explain it away (imposing elemental resistance to replace phycisal resistance).
For all intents and purposes, it seems that Luca may not get a Cold attack- we asked Craig some time ago and he said he wanted to keep her as an auxiliary teammate. However, let's not forget that Lesser Ghosts also don't have a Cold attack, but stronger versions do- maybe, as mentioned before, Luca is simply a not very powerful spirit, but she's a very skilled spirit with highly unusual talents.
Interestingly enough, initially Gelf was supposed to be a Light elemental fighter type, but Craig said that Gelves are not very good or powerful Psys, so Gelf became a pet-summoner class teammate, so to speak. It is as yet unknown whether Craig will include the side-quest or not (naturally, I'd love to see it in- we've spent 9 months, on and off, developing it with LethalLaurie), but I do know that at some point he did take steps to make it possible to add in- e.g. the code now allows summoning of up to 3 additional teammates, which is what Gelf specializes in. We invisaged him to be of Light elemental affinity, but after what Craig said, in our side-quest, Gelf doesn't have any Light elemental attacks.

I certainly agree that there should be a teammate for each type, like in TRPG2 (Guy, Shadowlings, Grotius, Dorgon), at minimum to ensure that there is no favouritism on the ground of lack of appropriate teammates when  people choose the affinity of the Hero.
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We can check off this off the wishlist

Luca'ra'il- Light
Naj- Cold
La'Man- Heat
Malis- Shadow


Though to be fair, I think that Luca'ra'il needs to have Lucent Shield, and Malis should have Dark Shield, to balance out with La'Man and Naj...

Luca'ra'il: Light Blast, Light Bomb, (Nothing)
Naj: Frost Breath, Frost Breath 2, Frost Shield
La'Man: Fire Breath, Fire Breath 2, Heat Shield
Malis: Shadow Blast, Feedback, (Nothing)
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I know we agreed to shut down the new teammate attacks, because all the new suggestions were "either overly complex effects that are not worth programming or they are over the top area attacks", but suggesting Lucent Shield for Luca'ra'il and Dark Shield for Malis don't seem to fit either of those categories.  Both Lucent Shield and Dark Shield are reasonable suggestions and have already been created for Psy Fighters in TPA2 and for the Hero in TSoG.

Anyone else okay with making one exception?


I don't mind, seeing as it won't affect me at all. *shrug*