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Final Boss Revealed!

Started by Zackirus, April 09, 2011, 01:03:22 PM

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The Final Boss Music has now been released and we can say a few more things about TSoG...

[spoiler=Are You Sure?][spoiler=One Last Chance]
Cygnus is the final boss and now with that it comes the truth in the title:

Cygnus The Prophet / Cygnus the Pretender

I'm Guessing with that, Yawah isn't real...

Anyone who doesn't want the game ruined, Don't Look! For those that want to discuss, use spoilers (preferably double spoilers).
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I kind of suspected that much. My feeling, though, is that Cygnus will be more than a mere Psy, somehow. Perhaps under the delusion that he himself is a god.

That awkward moment when your student's gone evil and wants to destroy you.

The Holy namelesskitty

I agree, delusions of adequacy seems to be a popularthing in the world these days so not only would a crazy person (Cygnus) Be very real life, it would provide an excellent social commentary on our times.
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Is the music located at the SoG music player? If not, then where?

[spoiler]It bears very heavy resemblance to the Nelis battle music, yet with traces of other tracks from TRPG2. Well Done!

Though I think that maybe the mood is too, um, well, I thought of boss music to be faster and more exciting, like Fight for Your Life. In my opinion, this piece would be quite suited to the Crypts, instead of being the Final Boss. No offense.

1. Add in more parts of the Nelis battle music.
2. Boost the speed a bit, especially at the Nelis part.
I doesn't care, do I?


Is their any chance that this is a reference to The Authority and Metatron from His Dark Materials.


Having never read His Dark Materials, I'm afraid I don't know what those are.