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Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 11:23:18 AM

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Leaving the room doesn't fix it.  Only saving/loading. Leaving the room will update my health/psy points from power and defense that I purchased, but not the ones from leveling up.  I didn't try going to the map or getting into a battle, so I don't know if those fix it or not.


Well, worth a try. I've never actually devoted my bonus points from leveling to Psy attack and defense, so I didn't realize.


*Wood Folk is on top of a Tig sprout
*Griffin counterattacks Tigs, but Rahel doesn't
*"Show Skill" for shadowport doesn't work


When I view the character stats for Quddsi, the final skill's experience is undefined rather than 0. Please see the attached screenshot for proof.


I'm having trouble playing the game past the point where you meet Rahel in the tutorial section. I kill one guard, walk and talk, meet rahel, and when I agree to continue on, the screen goes black. I still hear the background music, but theres no UI on the screen at all. Pressing escape or space doesn't seem to do anything.

I've tried it on my main laptop, Windows 7 Home Premium and my Windows XP Dell desktop - with the latest version of Adobe Air installed prior to installing the TSoG demo and activating it. Both PC's show the same problem.

Anyone have any suggestions?


A bug found its way into the latest patch; I just built a fix and will be uploading it soon. I'll post again when it's online. Sorry for the inconvenience!



I can learn vengeance without need to train feedback.

EDIT: same for light bomb. I no longer need level 3 light blast to learn it. Not sure of other elemental attacks.



-In Crypt 4 on Nightmare difficulty the treasure chest at location 23 rooms north 5 room west is empty before I opened it. Same for the chest at location 15 rooms north 6 rooms west.
-In the Scorpion mission in the bandit cave, as soon as I talk to Griffin, the rocks break and I go empty the pass-worded treasure chest with 3k and exit bandit cave. When I re-enter the cave, the rocks are no longer broken and I talk to Griffin again it seems the mission is reset. This makes it so I can empty the treasure chest arbitrarily many times making it possible for me to obtain quick cash. (Yea, sorry to the others who noticed it, can't keep this a secret)


In rubat even when I am not moving it looks like I am moving.(run by default is on)It happens when you are thrown out of the cheifs tent and then you pet the scorpion.


Books are still in the cellar even after giving them to psy academy.


near where Alal is standing if you keep walking in to the wall next to him (right side) (this happened right after i killed him)you can go out of the game screen.(run by default is on)


GenDkah attacks battle is filled with bugs there are several inivisible copies of Ravinale elite 1 and 2 (they die when the original die), a invisible ravinale elite 3 and the two ravinale spearmen next to GenDkah are also counted as him (GenDkah). :o They return to their own names after their first turn though.(The two Ravinale spearmen)


Quote from: aziz on May 05, 2012, 01:24:14 AM
Books are still in the cellar even after giving them to psy academy.

You don't actually give them to the Psy Academy--you just promise them to them.